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Diploma Project

Diploma Project Guidelines

During the last two semesters of study, each student prepares a Diploma Project according to the rules which have been approved by the Department Council (meeting 19/7/95). These rules have been reviewed by the Department Council (meeting 17/9/2008).



An Diploma Project is prepared by a final-year student, usually during the seventh and eighth semester of study in accordance with the Programme of Studies of the Department. The part of Diploma Project prepared in the first semester is called Diploma Project I and the part corresponding to the second semester Diploma Project II. A Diploma Project corresponds to seventeen (17) ECTS units [1].

Each Diploma Project must contain sufficient information that reflects the student’s initiative, independent study and productivity (originality, in the broad sense). The Diploma Project may be of theoretical or practical nature or a combination of both.

A Diploma Project may include, for example, an application of existing techniques, extension of known methods in the theory, software, hardware or applications areas, development of a prototype system, address theoretical problems, a survey review or study of a theoretical or practical area, etc.

The student registers for the Diploma Project with the approval of the Academic Advisor.

The Chair of the Department appoints a member of the Faculty of the Department, who ensures and coordinates the entire process of developing and assessing the Diploma Projects. This Faculty member is known as the Diploma Projects Coordinator.

Submission and Announcement of Topics

Each member of the Faculty submits to the Department, within the first ten days of April of each year, a number of Diploma Project topics greater than the ratio of the number of students per Faculty member.

Each topic has a title. It is expected that a brief description of each topic is made available to the students by the proposing faculty.

The Diploma Projects Coordinator in collaboration with the Chair of the Department shall establish a list of the submitted Diploma Project topics, and announces it to the faculty members and final-year students during the last ten days of April.

Choice of Topic

Each student is required to have chosen a Diploma Project topic, within the chosen Undergraduate Programme Direction. To this end, the students shall discuss with the corresponding faculty members that have offered the topics, in meetings during a specified period of time. Throughout the process of submission of preferred topics, the students obtain the agreement of the faculty member for the supervision of the corresponding project. This Faculty member will be the Diploma Project Supervisor for that student.

With the selected choice of the topics, the student completes a special Registration Form, available electronically on the website of the Department which includes the title, description (if accurate), and any specialized software / hardware or other resources necessary for the preparation of the Diploma Project. The Registration Form is signed by the Faculty member and is deposited to the Department no later than the period of registration of students during the 7th semester.

In case of not being able to select topics, the student returns the Registration Form to the Department, signed by her/him and the Academic Adviser. In this case, with the filing of the form, the Diploma Project Coordinator contacts members of the Faculty of the Department, until the end of the submission period to ensure that every student who submitted the registration form without topic is able to select a topic. In case this is not possible, a special meeting of the Department Council is called to assure that each student is given a Diploma Project topic. In this case, the student chooses the topic selected by the Council meeting.

Each Faculty member reserves the right not to supervise a number of Diploma Projects larger than the nearest integer above the ratio of students per Faculty member.

Change of Topic

Changing topic of the Diploma Project (with the same or another supervisor) is possible within the first three (3) weeks of the semester the student enrolled for the first part of the Diploma Project (Diploma Project I). To this end, using the same procedure that was followed for the submission of the original Diploma Project topic, the student fills in the Special Registration Form to the Department in order for the Chair of the Department to approve it.


The supervision of a student who prepares a Diploma Project is the responsibility of the Diploma Project Supervisor. The monitoring and controlling of the Diploma Project progress is done through regular meetings between the student and the supervisor.


During the examination period of the first semester the student enrolled in the Diploma Project, the student submits to the Supervisor a brief Progress Report. Following the submission of the Progress Report, the Supervisor shall submit a written assessment of the progress of the student to the Department, which is also sent to the student. The possible grades for this assessment are Success or Failure. A Failure grade results in the student enrolling again in the first part of the Diploma Project (Diploma Project I) in the same or different topic (with the same or different supervisor).

In the second semester that the student enrolled in the Diploma Project, the Diploma Project Thesis is assessed by the supervisor together with another member of the Faculty, known as the Second Assessor. With the information provided by the Supervisors, the Diploma Project Coordinator in colaboration with the Chairm of the Department publishes a list of Assessors and Program of Diploma Project presentations for three days during the week immediately following the examination period.

At least one week before the beginning of the presentations, each student must deliver two copies of the Diploma Project Thesis to the Coordinator. These copies are for the supervisor and second assessor. Failure to deliver results in excluding the student from the presentations for that semester. The presentation is then automatically transferred to the Diploma Project presentations of the following semester. Each student presents their work orally, according to presentations program, to the supervisor and second assessor (however, the presentation can be attended by other members of the Department).

>After the presentation, the Supervisor, in consultation with the Second Assessor, submits the grade for the Diploma Project with written justification comments, in a specific Assessment Form, and in accordance with the procedure for filing course grades. The Council of the Department handles the cases where there is a disagreement on the grade for the Diploma Project.

The main criteria for the evaluation of a Diploma Project are:

  • Quality of work (e.g. accuracy and completeness of analysis, appropriateness of methodology, validity of theoretical results, software quality, implementation, consistency of material presented and association of ideas).
  • Degree of completion of work submitted.
  • Degree of understanding by students of the area of the Diploma Project topic.
  • Quality of the written language of Thesis (e.g. structure and organization, clarity, ease of reading and understanding).

Within ten days after the presentation and evaluation of the Diploma Project, the student shall submit to the Department two copies of the Thesis, one for the Department records and one for the Supervisor. Failure to submit timely may result in delay of the student’s graduation.

Requirements for the Diploma Project Thesis

A Thesis must be a comprehensive document structured in chapters. This text should include an introduction to the subject, an analysis of the importance of project, a description of the related work, a review the work in the area of the topic, a description of the methodology used, listing, classification and evaluation of the results of the work and finally conclusions and suggestions for possible extension of the work.

Diploma Projects where software was created and/or used should also include (a) the code of the software in a specific Annex, (b) a description and analysis of the software a separate section, and (c) instructions for the use of the software. Also, during the oral presentation of such a work, if possible, or in a separate presentation, the student should present a demonstration of the operation and results of the Diploma Project software. The code of such software may not be used as the Thesis document.

All Dissertations must have a common format, which is defined in relevant technical documents of the Department, and is available electronically on the website of the Department.

[1] Since the revision of the undergraduate curriculum on September 2009, a Diploma Project corresponds to seventeen and a half (17.5) ECTS points.