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Computer Science: General Direction

Computer Science: General Direction

The direction Computer Science: General Direction aims to offer its graduates a broad background in the essential practical techniques together with their underlying principles. This will enable them to develop technical expertise, professional skills, and critical thinking.

The graduates of this direction may find employement in the local or European market as Information Technology scientists in a variety of professions (e.g. database management, network management, software development) or deal with education. Also, they can continue their studies by pursuing a Master's degree or by conducting research in a wide range of modern sectors such as the Intelligent Information Systems, Distributed Systems, Graphics, Machine Learning and Data Mining.

Almost all courses offered by the Department in the first four semesters are compulsory and common to all students. Students are asked to choose a direction at the beginning of the fourth semester of their studies. In the fifth and sixth semesters, students are required to take the compulsory courses of their chosen direction, as well as elective courses from other departments. The last two semesters include restricted elective courses within the direction and elective courses; also, each student must undertake an individual diploma project, called undergraduate thesis project, under the supervision of a member of the Department’s academic staff. The topic of the undergraduate thesis project must relate to the student’s chosen direction of study.