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Computer Systems and Networks

Computer Systems and Networks

The direction Computer Systems and Networks aims to present the basic principles and recent developments in the organization and programming of computer systems and networks. Through both course work and laboratories, students are given the opportunity to cover topics related to this specialisation, with emphasis on parallel and embedded systems as well as high-performance networks.

The direction of Computer Systems and Networks is traditionally one of the most attractive directions of study due to the need for substantial knowledge of the organization and operation of a system or network for its efficient usage. Nowadays, this need has become even more urgent with the growing diffusion of computer systems and networks in every aspect of everyday life in the modern information society and communication. Specialization on systems and networks provide graduates a wide range of choices for academic, research and professional careers.

Almost all courses offered by the Department in the first four semesters are compulsory and common to all students. Students are asked to choose a direction at the beginning of the fourth semester of their studies. In the fifth and sixth semesters, students are required to take the compulsory courses of their chosen direction, as well as elective courses from other departments. The last two semesters include restricted elective courses within the direction and elective courses; also, each student must undertake an individual diploma project, called undergraduate thesis project, under the supervision of a member of the Department’s academic staff. The topic of the undergraduate thesis project must relate to the student’s chosen direction of study.