ICA3PP 2008 9-11 June 2008
International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures 2008

List of accepted papers for ICA3PP 2008

3: Krishna Kavi and Wentong Li. A Non-Blocking Multithreaded Architecture with Support for Speculative Threads

4: Valentin Kravtsov, David Carmeli, Werner Dubitzky, Ariel Orda, Assaf Schuster, Mark Silberstein and Benny Yoshpa. Quasi-Opportunistic Supercomputing in Grid Environments

7: Yongchang Ma, Takeshi TSUCHIYA, Keiichi Koyanagi and Weimin Xu. A Hybrid Approach for ALM Overlay

10: Sirio Capizzi and Antonio Messina. Grinda: a Tuple Space service for the Globus Toolkit

15: Arash Shamaei, Abbas Nayebi and Hamid Sarbazi-Azad. A Simple and Efficient Fault-Tolerant Adaptive Routing Algorithm for Meshes

17: Wlodzimierz Bielecki, Anna Beletska, Marek Palkowski and Pierluigi San Pietro. Finding synchronization-free parallelism represented with trees of dependent operations

20: Ping Li, wanlei zhou and ke li. An Operational Approach to Validate the Path of BGP

22: Gao Lei. Highly-Parallelized BGP Implementation Based on the Min-cut Partition Approach

23: Mohammad Ansari, Christos Kotselidis, Ian Watson, Chris Kirkham, Mikel Lujan and Kim Jarvis. Lee-TM: A Non-trivial Benchmark for Transactional Memory

25: Dong Xiang, Qi Wang and Yi Pan. Deadlock-Free Adaptive Routing in 2D Tori with a New Turn Model

29: Shi-Jinn Horng. 3D Block-Based Medial Axis Transform and Chessboard Distance Transform on the CREW PRAM

30: Claudia Di Napoli and Maurizio Giordano. Explicit Control of Service Execution to Support QoS-based Grid Scheduling

31: Ralph Acker, Christian Roth and Rudolf Bayer. Parallel Query Processing in Databases on Multicore-Architectures

33: Ami Marowka. Performance of OpenMP Benchmarks on Multicore Processors

34: Dai Yi. UFFS-k: Uniform Fine-grain Frame Spreading Algorithm Guaranteeing Throughput and Packet Ordering in Load-balanced Switches

35: Jun Yang, Xiaochuan Ma, Chaohuan Hou and Zheng Yao. A Static Multiprocessor Scheduling Algorithm for Arbitrary Directed Task Graphs in Uncertain Environments

36: Hervé Paulino. SuMo: A Framework for Prototyping Distributed and Mobile Software

40: Paula Fritzsche, Dolores Rexachs and Emilio Luque. A general approach to predict the performance order of TSP family problems

42: Jing Chen, Ashwin Gumaste, Jianping Wang, Hui Yu and Si-qing Zheng. 1-Persistent Collision-Free CSMA Protocols for Opportunistic Optical hyperchannels

43: Jing Chen and Hong Shen. An Improved Energy-efficient WSN Routing Protocol

44: Nearchos Paspallis and George Papadopoulos. An Optimization of Context Sharing for Self-adaptive mobile applications

46: Marilena Bandieramonte, Antonella Di Stefano and Giovanni Morana. An ACO inspired strategy to improve jobs scheduling in a Grid environment

47: Jisheng Zhao, Matthew Horsnell, Mikel Lujan, Ian Rogers, Chris Kirkham and Ian Watson. Adaptive Loop Tiling for a Multi-Cluster CMP

48: Liang He, Ke Qiu and Zhi Zhang Shen . Neighbourhood Broadcasting and Broadcasting on the (n, k)-Star Graph

50: Eunjung Cho and Anu Bourgeois. Examining the feasibility of Reconfigurable Models for Molecular Dynamics Simulation

51: Courtney Powell and Kiyoshi Akama. Conceptual Modelling and Program Generation for Dynamic Interactive Systems

53: Alberto de la Encina, Ismael Rodriguez and Fernando Rubio. A Debugger for Parallel Haskell Dialects

54: Gael Le Mahec, Eddy Caron and Frederic Desprez. Parallelization and Distribution Strategies of Large Bioinformatics Requests over the Grid

55: juan-antonio rico-gallego, jesus-maria alvarez-llorente, juancarlos diaz-martin and Francisco-José Perogil-Duque. A Network Service for DSP Multicomputers

56: Chrysoulis Zambas and Mikel Lujan. Introducing Aspects to the Implementation of the Java Fork/Join Framework

59: Dacian Tudor and Vladimir Cretu. Designing an Architecture for Distributed Shared Data on the Grid

63: Pingpeng Yuan and Hai Jin. Complex Network Based Grid Middleware Analyses: Hint to Performance Factors

64: Bela Stantic, Roozbeh Derakhshan, Othmar Korn and Frank Dehne. Parallel Simulated Annealing for Materialized View Selection in Data Warehousing Environments

65: Wenhong Wei. The Hyper-Kautz Network: a New Scalable Product Network

66: Wenhong Wei. Fault Tolerance in the Biswapped Network

67: Irene Moulitsas and George Karypis. Architecture Aware Partitioning Algorithms



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