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With our expertise in the design, complexity analysis and implementation of fault-tolerant algorithms we could join INRIA and UCO on their effort in developing dependable mechanisms for Desktop Grids. In particular we propose to design a number of fault-tolerant algorithms and evaluate them under various failure assumptions on Grids, using techniques such as task replication or fault-detection via check-pointing.

WP4 is separated into 6 subtasks
  • Task 4.1 Definition of Capabilities and Architectural Components of Scalable, Adaptive and Dependable GRID
  • Task 4.2 Setup of a Common Experimental and Benchmarking Environment
  • Task 4.3 Scalable GRID Services
  • Task 4.4 Mechanisms for Adaptive GRID
  • Task 4.5 Dependability in GRIDs
  • Task 4.6 Integration of the Proposed Methods

UCY Contribution:

Grid dependability
Collecting and analyzing grid dependability data and proposing practical approaches for improving grid dependability without introducing prohibitive complexity to Grid infrastructures.

Partners: UCY (Dikaiakos, Tsouloupas), CAM (Crowcroft,Kotsovinos) Topic: Grid dependability

Main Responsible: Dikaiakos (UCY), +357-22892720

Performance-aware Grid Resource Selection
Study the effects that resource heterogeneity has on application performance and come up with algorithms that use measures of heterogeneity and performance in order to drive decisions on resource ranking, scheduling on the Grid and so on.

Partners: UCY (Dikaiakos, Tsouloupas), KTH (Haridi,Rasheed)

Main Responsible: Dikaiakos (UCY), +357-22892720


  • "Metadata Ranking and Pruning for Failure Detection in Grids", D. Zeinalipour-Yazti, H. Papadakis, C. Georgiou, M.D. Dikaiakos, Parallel Processing Letters Journal, to appear in September 2008.
  • "Identifying Failures in Grids through Monitoring and Ranking." Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti, Kyriakos Neocleous, Chryssis Georgiou, and Marios Dikaiakos, in the Proc. of the 7th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA 2008), Cambridge, MA, 2008.
  • "Failure Management in Grids: The Case of the EGEE Infrastructure." K. Neocleous, M.D. Dikaiakos, P. Fragopoulou and E.P. Markatos, Parallel Processing Letters, Vol. 17, Issue 4, World Scientific, pp 391-410, December 2007


  • Kyriacos Neokleous, "Failure Analysis, Prediction and Management of the EGEE Grid Infrastructure," M.Sc. Thesis, University of Cyprus, July 2007.