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Monday, 4/9
Thursday, 7/9
Introduction to cryptography, simple ciphers based on substitution.
Monday, 11/9
Transposition ciphers, block-based cryptography, symmetric ciphers, AES.
Thursday, 13/9
Random numbers, stream ciphers, RC4.
Friday, 15/9
Monday, 18/9
Modular arithmetic, prime numbers, RSA, asymmetric ciphers.
Thursday, 21/9
Asymmetric ciphers, cryptographic hash functions, passwords, digital signatures and other applications.
Monday, 25/9
Software exploitation concepts, out-of-bound errors.
Thursday, 28/9
The stack in IA32, simple control-flow attacks, source.
Friday, 29/9
Stack Layout in IA32
Monday, 2/10
Code-injection theory, stack canaries, source.
Thursday, 5/10
Shellcode, code injection in the stack, source.
Friday, 6/10
Tutorial 3
ASLR/PIEs (source), Relocations in 32-bit (source)
Monday, 9/10
No class
Thursday, 12/10
Non-executable memory, code reuse, Return-oriented Programming (ROP).
Monday, 16/10
Heap, more control-data (function pointers, VTable pointers), use-after-free, heap feng shui.
Thursday, 19/10
Midterm, Assignment 2
Monday, 23/10
String-formatting bugs (source), information leaks (source), software hardening, CFI.
Thursday, 26/10
Static and dynamic analysis, applications and tools, SFI.
Monday, 30/10
Basics, Lower Layers.
Thursday, 2/11
Remote attackers, BotNets, Firewalls and IDSs, network monitoring, BPF expressions.
Monday, 6/11
Web applications, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP).
Thursday 9/11
No class
Friday 10/11
No class
Monday 13/11
Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), SQL injection, Clickjacking, PCAP intro.
Monday 20/11
TLS, MitM attacks, MACs, Certificates, Assignment 3.
Thursday 23/11
Text-based passwords, Two-factor authentication (2FA), password reminders, enhanced protocols.
Friday 24/11
Certificates, and HSTS.
Monday 27/11
The Onion Router (TOR), Anonymity (up to slide 32), practice for final.
Thursday 30/11
Practice for final.
Friday 1/12
Practice for final.
(c) Elias Athanasopoulos