The Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus cordially invites you to the Colloquium entitled:

Coping with a Chronic Condition: The Case of Soft Errors


Speaker: Mr. Arkady Bramnik
Affiliation: Intel, Israel
Category: Colloquium
Location: Room 148, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences (FST-01), 1 University Avenue, 2109 Nicosia, Cyprus (directions)
Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Time: 12:00-13:00 EET
Host: Yanos Sazeides (

Soft Error is a big challenge for modern computer industry. Soft errors induce the highest failure rate comparing to other reliability mechanisms. In this talk different aspects of Soft Error will be discussed including general definition, metrics, modeling, protection methods, trends and upcoming challenges.

Short Bio:
Arkady Bramnik is Senior Computer Architect at Israel Design Center of Intel Corporation in Haifa. He has been with Intel for the past 25 years and contributed to the design and development of a number of Intel products. He currently works on different aspects of computer system fault tolerance including fault rate modeling and features for fault damage reduction. Arkady as a senior design engineer has also contributed in the design of on-chip memory systems and was responsible on several design methodologies. He has a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and is the author of 5 papers and 2 patents.

The colloquium is jointly organized by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cyprus.

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