Non-Disclosure Form

Understanding Your Participation

Please read this page carefully.

George A. Sielis, PhD Candidate is asking you to participate in evaluating an application under development. By participating in this evaluation, you will help to the improvement of this application and its future releases. We will observe you, record information and take a video record of your screen for the time of evaluation to collect information on how you work with the application. For that reason we ask from you to use CHROME browser and accept the istallation of Validately chrome application when you will be asked for it. Validately will download a recorder to capture your session. We will also ask you to fill out questionnaires.

By adding your email in the field below you are giving your permission to George A. Sielis to use the screen recording videos and verbal statements for the purposes of evaluating the application and showing the results of these evaluations. We will not use your full name. You will be working with a product that is still under development and it is developed for research purposes. Any information you acquire about this product is confidential and proprietary and is being disclosed to you only so that you can participate in the evaluation. By accepting this form, you agree not to release any information related to this application to third parties.

If you have any questions, you may ask by contacting George Sielis at

If you agree with these terms, please indicate your agreement by adding your email below.