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Undergraduate core

CS211:  Theory of Computation and Complexity


Undergraduate electives

CS436: Algorithms and Complexity

CS432:  Distributed Algorithms



CS601:  Distributed Systems


Student Supervision



Supervising the following postdoc at University of Cyprus

Vicky Papadopoulou


PhD Students

Co-supervised with Paul Spirakis the following PhD theses at University of Patras:

Panagiota Fatourou:  "Algorithmic Foundations of Rate-Based Flow Control",

                                         June 1999.

Dimitrios Koukopoulos: "Network Stability in the Model of Adversarial Queueing Theory", October 2003.


Co-supervising/co-supervised with Burkhard Monien the following PhD Theses at University of Paderborn:

Manuel Rode: "Nash Equilibria in Discrete Routing Games", December 2004


Masters students

Supervised the following Master theses at University of Cyprus:

Persephoni Paulou: "A Special Case of the Fully Mixed Nash Equilibrium Conjecture", December 2003.

Ippolytos Ippolytou:   "Two Cases of the Fully Mixed Nash Equilibrium Conjecture", February 2004.

Savvas Lazarides:     Nash Equilibria in Two-Dimensional Mesh with Three and Four Users and Machines", February 2004.

Mentored students

Acted as research mentor for the following people:

Costas Busch

Worked intensively on Distributed Data Structures while a graduate student at the Department of Computer Science at University of Crete and at the Department of Computer Science at Brown University under my guidance. The research resulted in an extensive series of publications around the specific topic of Counting Networks. The collaboration is still going on and Costas is now a faculty member at the Department of Computer Science of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, after having completed his PhD in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science of Brown University, under the supervision of Maurice Herlihy.


Undergraduate students

Supervising/supervised the following Diploma Projects (selected) at University of Cyprus:

Andreas Pieri: "The Conjection of the Fully Mixed Nash Equilibrium", December 2005 (expected)

Persephoni Pavlou  "Selfish Routing Under Arbitrary Cost Functions", June 2001

Ippolytos Ippolytou  "Distributed Decision-Making on the Ring", June 2001

Antonis Mouskos  "The Cost of Lack of Coordination in Distributed Network Routing", June 2000

Kallis Cappelos  "Efficient and Fair Window Flow Control", June 2000

Stavros Georgiades  "Optimal, Distributed Decision-Making: The Case of No Communication", May 1999

Maria-Eleni Kounnapi  "Distributed Systems: An Educational Package for Distant Learning", May 1999

Constantinos Papadopoulos  "Fault-Tolerant Tick Synchronization", May 1999

Katerina Aggeli  "Complexity Bounds for Indexing Schemes", May 1998

Avraam Himaris  "Computer-Aided Verification of Timing-Based Distributed Algorithms Using the Larch Prover - the Mutual Exclusion Algorithm of Lynch and Shavit as a Test Case", May 1998

Leonidas Hadjimitsis  "Contention in Balancing Networks resolved", May 1998

Maria Iakovou  "Balancing Algorithms for Server Problems", May 1998

Nikos Nikolaidis  "Optimal Distributed Decision-Making", May 1998

Christos Tattis  "A Computer-Aided Study of the Competitive Ration of Markov-Move-To-Front", May 1998

Evangelos Tougias  "A Software System for Indexing, Archiving and Retrieval in a Law Office", May 1998

Haralambos Tsimouris  "An Experimental Evaluation of Adversarial Queueing Theory", May 1998

Maria Eleftheriou  "Linearizability in the Presence of Partial Synchrony and Under Different Delay Assumptions", February 1998

Matthew Polydorou  "Randomized Protocols for Byzantine Agreement and Optimal Probabilities", September 1998

Melina Constantinou  "A Modular Proof of Correctness fir the Counting Network of Felten, Ladnet and Lamarca", May 1997

Nikos Papadakis  "Trade-Off Results for Connection Management", May 1997

Soteroula Nikolaidou  "Using Simulation Techniques to Prove Correctness and Timing Properties: The Case of Lynch - Shavit's Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion", May 1996

Maria Yioutani  "Using Simulation Techniques to Prove Correctness and Timing Properties: The Case of Alur - Taubenfeld's Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion", May 1996


General Teaching Interests


Theoretical Computer Science

Theory of Computation, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures, Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, Algorithms and Complexity, Algorithmic Game Theory.


Systems and Programming

Distributed Systems, Parallel Systems, Computer Networks, Concurrent Programming.


Discrete Mathematics of Computer Science

Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Probability, Logic.