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6th Grade, High School, Laniteio Gymnasium

Field Trip to Zygi (October 1977)

Graduation (June 1978)

25th Year Class Reunion (July 2003)

A Smaller 25th Year Class Reunion (August 2003)


Birthday of Burkhard Monien, Paderborn 2003


Wedding of Chrysis Georgiou, September 2004


A day at Kalo Chorio, Limassol

On March 27 (Catholic Easter), we spent the day with Friedhelm and Claudia Meyer auf der Heide in my parents' country house at Kalo Chorio village in Limassol. Here are some photos of us and my parents' cats (Romeo, Bianca, etc.) and dog (David).


My 2005 birthday party on 22/08/2005 at Scottis' Steak House in Limassol.


Photos from the ISAAC 2005 Conference