Instructor: M. Mavronicolas    
  Room: FST 01-106
  Telephone: 22-892702
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Basic Textbook




G. Coulouris, J. Dollimore and T. Kindberg, Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design, Addison-Wesley, 3rd ed. (2000), ISBN: 0-201-61918-0 Webpage



Other Recommended Textbooks




A. S. Tanenbaum, M. Van Steen, Distributed Systems, Principles and Paradigms, Prentice Hall, 1st ed. (2002), ISBN: 0-13-088893-1. Webpage


A. S. Tanenbaum, Distributed Operating Systems, Prentice Hall, 1st ed. (1995), ISBN: 0-13-219908-4 Webpage



Some Additional Recommended textbooks



K.P. Birman, Building Secure and Reliable Network Applications, Prentice Hall, 1997, ISBN: 0-13-719584-2 Webpage


D. Ince, Developing Distributed and E-commerce Applications, Addison-Wesley, 2nd ed. (2003), ISBN: 0-321-15422-3 Webpage