Brief Introduction to IST


(Fifth RTD Framework Program, 1998-2002)

IST Overview

   Cyprus can now participate in research and development projects of the European Union under the Fifth RTD Framework Program. This allows research institutions and companies in Cyprus to collaborate with other such organizations in the European Union in developing their research and plans of commercial exploitation of this. The participation of Cypriot organizations is funded in the same way as any other project partner from the European Union.

    One of the major components of the Fifth Framework Programme is that of Information Society Technologies IST which concerns the integrated development of Information, Communication and Media technologies.

    The main aim of this web page is to inform the industrial sector of Cyprus of the new possibilities for the strategic development of their products that IST can open and to bring together research and industry organizations with the view of forming future alliances for project proposals under IST.

IST - is it for You? 

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