Invited Speakers and Tutorials
Seventh International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP'01
Coral Beach Hotel and Resort, Paphos, Cyprus


Invited Talks

  • Robert Kowalski (Imperial College, London)
    Is Logic Really Dead, or Only Just Sleeping ?
  • Moshe Y. Vardi, Rice University
    Constraint Satisfaction and Database Theory
  • Eugene Freuder, Cork Constraint Computation Center
    What I foresee for 4C.
  • Peter van Beek, University of Waterloo
    Toward theoretical frameworks for comparing constraint
    satisfaction models and algorithms
  • Alain Colmerauer (University of Marseille, France)
    Solving the mutiplication constraint in several approximation spaces


  • Eugene Freuder, Cork Constraint Computation Center
    How not to give a talk
  • Krzysztof Apt, CWI and University of Amsterdam
    How to write a good paper
  • Filippo Focacci, Francois Laburthe, and Andrea Lodi
    Local Search and Constraint Programming
  • Nadia Creignou, Miki Hermann and Reinhard Pichler
    Complexity of Constraint Solving Problems
  • John Hooker
    Constraint programming and Operation Research
  • Pedro Meseguer, Francesca Rossi and Thomas Scheix
    Soft constraints theory, algorithms and applications
  • Maarten van Emdem
    Interval constraints for numerical analysis
  • Ashish Gupta, Chief Scientific Officer, Tavant Technologies
    How to transform an idea into a company