CP '01 Accepted Papers

CP2001: Long Papers

6 Branch-and-Check: A Hybrid Framework Integrating Mixed Integer Programming and Constraint Logic Programming Erlendur S. Thorsteinsson
10 Sweep as a Generic Pruning Technique Applied to the Non-Overlapping Rectangles Constraint Nicolas Beldiceanu Mats Carlsson
35 Pruning for the minimum Constraint Family and for the number of distinct values Constraint Family Nicolas Beldiceanu
40 Components for State Restoration in Tree Search Chiu Wo Choi, Martin Henz, Ka Boon Ng
42 Lower Bounds for Non-binary Constraint Optimization Problems Pedro Meseguer Javier Larrosa Marti Sanchez
43 Specializing Russian Doll Search Pedro Meseguer Marti Sanchez
47 A CLP approach to the protein side-chain placement problem Martin T. Swain and Graham J.L. Kemp
51 Solving Disjunctive Constraints for Interactive Graphical Applications Kim Marriott, Peter Moulder, Peter J. Stuckey, and Alan Borning
52 Specific Filtering Algorithms for Over-Constrained Problems Thierry Petit, Jean-Charles Regin and Christian Bessiere
54 A Constraint Programming Approach to the Stable Marriage Problem I.P. Gent, R.W. Irving, D.F. Manlove, P. Prosser, B.M. Smith
57 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: AbsCon: a prototype to solve CSPs with abstraction Sylvain Merchez Christophe Lecoutre Frederic Boussemart
63 One Flip per Clock Cycle Edgar Tan, Martin Henz, Roland Yap
68 Towards Stochastic Constraints Programming: A Study of On-Line Multi Choice Knapsack with Deadlines Thierry Benoist, Eric Bourreau, Yves Caseau and Benoît Rottembourg
70 Towards Inductive Constraint Solving Slim Abdennadher and Christophe Rigotti
72 New Lower Bounds of Constraint Violations for Over-Constrained Problems Jean-Charles Regin, Thierry Petit, Christian Bessiere et Jean-Francois Puget.
73 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: A Constraint Engine for Manufacturing Process Planning Vancza, Jozsef and Markus, Andras
78 Non-overlapping Constraints between Convex Polytopes Nicolas Beldiceanu Qi Guo Sven Thiel
83 In Search of a Phase Transition in the AC-Matching Problem Phokion G. Kolaitis and Thomas Raffill
86 Adaptive Constraint Handling with CHR in Java Armin Wolf
88 Constraint-based Verification of Client-Server Protocols Giorgio Delzanno and Tevfik Bultan
89 Network flow problems in constraint programming Alexander Bockmayr, Nicolai Pisaruk, Abderrahmane Aggoun
91 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: Selecting and scheduling observations for agile satellites: some lessons from the constraint reasoning community point of view Gerard Verfaillie Michel Lematre
92 Consistency Maintenance for ABT Marius-Calin Silaghi, Djamila Sam-Haroud, and Boi Faltings
93 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: iOpt: A Software Toolkit for Heuristic Search Methods Christos Voudouris, Raphael Dorne, David Lesaint, Anne Liret
96 Fast, Constraint-based Threading of HP-Sequences to Hydrophobic Cores Rolf Backofen and Sebastian Will
104 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: Interpreting Sloppy Stick Figures with Constraint-based Subgraph Matching Markus P.J. Fromherz, James V. Mahoney
105 A Temporal Concurrent Constraint Programming Calculus Catuscia Palimidessi and Frank D. Valencia
107 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: Evaluation of Search Heuristics for Embedded System Scheduling Problems Cecilia Ekelin and Jan Jonsson
111 Capturing Structure with Satisfiability Ramon Bejar, Alba Cabiscol, Cesar Fernandez, Felip Manya and Carla Gomes
114 Collaborative Learning for Constraint Solving Susan L. Epstein and Eugene C. Freuder
115 Optimal Pruning for Parametric Ordinary Differential Equations Micha Janssen, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Yves Deville
117 A General Scheme for Multiple Lower Bound Computation in Constraint Optimization Rina Dechter Kalev Kask Javier Larrosa
118 Formal Models of Heavy-Tailed Behavior in Combinatorial Search Hubie Chen, Carla P. Gomes, and Bart Selman
121 Random 3-SAT and BDDs: The Plot Thickens Further Alfonso San Miguel Aguirre and Moshe Y. Vardi
126 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: Fast Optimal Instruction Scheduling for Single- issue Processors with Arbitrary Latencies Peter van Beek, Kent Wilken
128 The non-existence of (3,1,2)-Conjugate Orthogonal Idempotent Latin Square of order 10 Olivier Dubois et Dequen Gilles
129 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: A Dynamic Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Approach to Resource Allocation Pragnesh Jay Modi, Hyuckchul Jung, Milind Tambe, Wei-Min Shen, Shriniwas Kulkarni
130 A Filtering Algorithm for the Stretch Constraint Gilles Pesant
132 The Phase Transition of the Linear Inequalities Problem Alessandro Armando, Felice Peccia, and Silvio Ranise
133 Solving Non-Binary CSPs Using the Hidden Variable Encoding Nikos Mamoulis and Kostas Stergiou
136 Global Cut Framework for Removing Symmetries Filippo Focacci Michela Milano
138 Breaking Symmetries Torsten Fahle, Stefan Schamberger and Meinolf Sellmann
140 Phase Transitions and Backbones of Constraint Minimization Problems Weixiong Zhang
141 Hybrid Benders Decomposition Algorithms in Constraint Logic Programming Andrew Eremin Mark Wallace
142 INNOVATIVE APPLICATION: A Constraint Optimization Framework for Mapping a Digital Signal Processing Application onto a Parallel Machine J. Mattioli, N. Museux, P. Savéant, S. de Givry
143 Solving Constraint Over Floating-Point Numbers Claude Michel, Michel Rueher, Yahia Lebbah

CP2001: Short Papers

28 Deriving Explanations and Implications for Constraint Satisfaction Problems Eugene C. Freuder, Chavalit Likitvivatanavong, Richard J. Wallace
44 Structural Constraint-based Modeling and Reasoning with basic configuration cells R. M. Gasca, J. A. Ortega and M. Toro
59 k-AC : An efficient Filtering Technique Combining Domain Partition and Arc Consistency H. Bennaceur and M-S Affane
66 Boosting Local Search with Artificial Ants Christine Solnon
71 Modeling and Generating Tradeoffs for Constraint-Based Configuration Eugene C. Freuder and Barry O'Sullivan
80 Solving Boolean satisfiability using local search guided by unit clause elimination Edward A. Hirsch and Arist Kojevnikov
82 The expressive power of integer linear programming Marco Cadoli
84 Composition Operators for Constraint Propagation Laurent Granvilliers, Eric Monfroy
85 Interaction of Constraint Programming and Local Search for Optimisation Problems Francisco Azevedo & Pedro Barahona
97 The Traveling Tournament Problem: Description and Benchmarks Kelly Easton, George Nemhauser, and Michael Trick
102 Multi-level variable ordering heuristics for the constraint satisfaction problem Bessiere, Chmeiss, Sais
122 Dual Models in Constraint Programming Barbara M. Smith
125 GAC on Conjunctions of Constraints George Katsirelos and Fahiem Bacchus
134 Automatic Generation of Implied and Induced Constraints Simon Colton, Ian Miguel