WP0: Project Management

WP1: Multimedia System Development Strategy

WP2: Digital Library and Information Retrieval

WP3: Networking of Systems

WP4: Coordination of System Modules

WP5: Information Society

WP6: Electronic Roads in Education

WP7: Electronic Roads in Occupied Cyprus


Workpackage WP0 supports the overall coordination and synchronization of the activities of the project. Promotion of activities in the local community and European Union for additional support as the project progresses.

Workpackages WP1-WP4 define the basic research and technological advances in Computer Science that need to be carried out for the successful development of the application of electronic roads. In particular, WP4 will provide the necessary interface mechanism in order to integrate the modules corresponding to the other packages WP1-3. Workpackages WP5 and WP6 consist of the necessary studies that will provide information and feedback on the educational and social requirements of the application of electronic roads, the conditions required for their effective use and their wider educational, social and cultural implications.

Workpackage WP7 is horizontally related to all other work and concerns the overall activity of integrating the results and methods of the other workpackages to develop the concrete application of the "Electronic Roads in Occupied Cyprus". Its main purpose is to be used as a test bed for the basic research carried in the rest of the project as well as a system for the study of educational and sociological aspects of the new revolution of the information society and its particular significance for Cyprus and the Greek Diaspora.