University of Cyprus


A. C. Kakas (Department of Computer Science)

C. N. Schizas (Department of Computer Science)

ablt.jpg (5123 bytes) Participants

C. Constantinou (Department of Education)

S. Katsikides (Department of Social and Political Sciences)

G. A. Papadopoulos (Department of Computer Science)

C. S. Pattichis (Department of Computer Science)

A. Pitsillides (Department of Computer Science)

ablt.jpg (5123 bytes) Research Assistants

C. Zervos (until May 1999)

T. Limniotis

Y. Mylonas

ablt.jpg (5123 bytes) Research Associates

D. Dionysiou

M. Dionysiou

A. Florentine

A. Eleftheriou

E. Hadjikakou


Universities and Research Organizations

Department of Interactive Systems, CWI, Amsterdam (F. Arbab)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA, Athens (S. Kollias)
Faculty of Education, Twente University (P. A. Kommers)
Systems Engineering, University of Southern California (C. L. Nikias)
Leeds Metropolitan University (G. Orange)
FORTH HELLAS, Crete (S. Sartzetakis)

Local Organizations

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation
Ministry of Education and Culture (A. Skoteinos)
CYTA - Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (N. Timotheou)
PIO - Press and Information Office (C. Christoforou)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (G. Eliades)

In addition, the project will involve the following "silent partners" from the University of Cyprus :
E. Chrysos (Department of History and Archaelogy)
D. Michaelides (Department of History and Archaelogy)
G. Samaras (Department of Computer Science)