The development of the applications of electronic roads (second main aim) will constitute the central overall activity of the project where the above different aspects of research are defined and synthesized together into a cohesive common goal.

The application of electronic roads will consist of a networked multimedia system which will enable the user to explore a region of the country and to learn about its culture and history. The user, in effect, will be able to take a virtual journey into the region following these roads. At points of interest the system will be able to provide historical, archeological and cultural information of the particular site. This information will be given in various forms such as photographs, text, voice and video clips. In particular, the user will be able to make parts of the journey by following a video clip of a past real journey narrated with information about the region.

The electronic roads will be accessible by the local population and schools via specially designed networks using ISDN connections. They will also be available from abroad via INTERNET for low bandwidth traffic, JAMES (Joint ATM Experiment on European Services) for high bandwidth traffic, as well as other networks in the context of the Euro-Mediterrenean Information Society for cultural exchange. In the later stages of the project, a special connection to these roads (or a mirror site) will be implemented for one Cypriot Community outside Cyprus. There will also be a scaled down CD-ROM version to be used on a personal computer.

The design of the electronic roads will aim at the following groups of users: 1) Schools in Cyprus and in Cypriot communities abroad, 2) Schools abroad (e.g. Israel, Holland, Leeds) interested in international cultural studies, 3) Local Cypriot population interested in history and culture, 4) Tourists in Cyprus for exploring and learning more about Cyprus with virtual visits to areas not otherwise accessible, 5) Other interested people from anywhere in the world who wish to learn more about Cyprus.

The specific prototypes that will be developed in the project will be electronic roads in the occupied part of Cyprus with the special purpose of preserving amongst the younger generation in Cyprus and the Cypriot people of Diaspora the cultural and historical heritage of the particular region. The material will be carefully selected and developed with the help of the Department of History and Archeology, the Cyprus PIO office, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and the Ministry of Education and Culture.