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Lab Schedule

Week Description Exercise Solution
01 Setup Lab. LAB01
02 Basic Unix Commands, Redirection and Piping. LAB02 SOL
03 Basic and Advanced Unix Commands LAB03 SOL
04 Advanced Unix Commands (nmap, grep, ps, cut, find) LAB04 SOL
05 Advanced Unix Commands 2 (netstat, grep, tr, cut, sort, uniq) LAB05 SOL
06 Advanced Unix Commands 3 (twurl, jq, grep, wc, cut, tr) LAB06 SOL
07 Unix System Utilities: Sed LAB07 SOL
08 Unix System Utilities: Awk + Bash Shell Programming LAB08 SOL
09 Bash Shell Programming LAB09 | ZIP SOL
10 Files and Directories. LAB10 SOL
11 Low Level I/O. LAB11 | ZIP SOL
12 Signals and Processes. LAB12 | ZIP SOL
13 Inter-Process Communication (FIFO / PIPES). LAB13 SOL
14 Socket Programming. LAB14 | ZIP SOL
14 Assignment 4 Evaluation - All students are kindly requested to be present.