Accepted Papers





Regular Papers:

A. Czygrinow, M. Hanckowiak:
"Distributed approximations for packing in unit-disk graphs"
Amitanand Aiyer, Lorenzo Alvisi, and Rida Bazzi:
"Bounded Wait-Free Implementation of Optimally resilient Byzantine Storage
without (Unproven) Cryptographic assumptions"
Amos Korman and David Peleg:
"Compact Separator Decompositions in Dynamic Trees and Applications to Labeling Schemes"
Baruch Awerbuch and Christian Scheideler:
"A Denial-of-Service Resistant DHT"
Beat Gfeller, Nicola Santoro, Peter Widmayer :
"A Distributed Algorithm for All Best Swap Edges of a Minimum Diameter Spanning Tree"
Bilel Derbel, Cyril Gavoille and David Peleg:
"Deterministic Distributed Construction of Linear Stretch Spanners in Polylogarithmic Time."
Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier, Felix Freiling, Lucia Draque Penso, Andreas Tielmann:
 "From Crash-Stop to Permanent Omission: Automatic Transformation and Weakest Failure Detectors"
Dana Angluin and James Aspnes and David Eisenstat:
"Fast Robust Approximate Majority"
Danny Dolev and Ezra Hoch:
"On Self-stabilizing Synchronous Actions Despite Byzantine Attacks"
Dariusz R. Kowalski, Michal Strojnowski:
"On the communication surplus incurred by faulty processors"
Faith Ellen and Panagiota Fatourou and Eric Ruppert:
"The Space Complexity of Unbounded Timestamps"
Gadi Taubenfeld:
"Efficient Transformations of Obstruction-free Algorithms into Non-blocking Algorithms"
Gregory Chockler, Rachid Guerraoui, Idit Keidar:
"Amnesic Distributed Storage"
Edward Bortnikov, Israel Cidon, Idit Keidar:
"Scalable Load-Distance Balancing"
Janna Burman and Shay Kutten:
"Time Optimal Asynchronous Self-Stabilizing Spanning Tree"
Jeremie Chalopin, Shantanu Das, and Nicola Santoro:
"Rendezvous of Mobile Agents in Unknown Graphs with Faulty Links"
Joffroy Beauquier, Julien Clement, Stephane Messika, Laurent Rosaz, Brigitte Rozoy:
"Self-Stabilizing Counting in Mobile Sensor Networks"
Leszek Gasieniec, Erez Kantor, Dariusz R. Kowalski, David Peleg, Chang Su:
"Energy and Time Efficient Broadcasting in Known Topology Radio Networks"
Matthew Lang and Paolo A.G. Sivilotti:
"A Distributed Maximal Scheduler for Strong Fairness"
Michael G. Merideth and Michael K. Reiter:
"Probabilistic Opaque Quorum Systems"
Mordechai Shalom, Prudence W.H. Wong, Shmuel Zaks:
"Optimal on-line colorings for minimizing the number of ADMs in optical networks"
Piotr Zielinski:
"Automatic classification of eventual failure detectors"
Roberto Baldoni, Kleoni Ioannidou, Alessia Milani:
"Mobility versus the Cost of Geocasting in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks"
Seth Gilbert, Rachid Guerraoui, and Dariusz Kowalski:
"On the Message Complexity of Indulgent Consensus"
Shay Kutten and Toshimitsu Masuzawa:
"Output stability versus time till output"
Shlomi Dolev, Seth Gilbert, Rachid Guerraoui, and Calvin Newport:
"Gossiping in a Multi-Channel Radio Network"
Shuang Liang, Xiaodong Zhang, Song Jiang, Ke Chen:
"Cost-Aware Caching Algorithms for Distributed Storage Servers"
Simon Fischer, Lars Olbrich, Berthold Vocking:
"Approximating Wardrop Equilibria with Finitely Many Agents"
Taisuke izumi, Yoshiaki Katayama, Nobuhiro Inuzuka, Koichi Wada:
"Gathering Autonomous Mobile Robots with Dynamic Compasses: An Optimal Result"
Thomas Locher, Remo Meier, Stefan Schmid, Roger Wattenhofer:
"Push-to-Pull Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming"
Vinit A. Ogale and Vijay K. Garg:
"Detecting Temporal Logic Predicates on Distributed Computations "
Wei Chen, Jialin Zhang, Yu Chen, Xuezheng Liu:
"Weakening Failure Detectors for k-Set Agreement via the Partition"

Brief Announcements:

Cyril Gavoille, Ralf Klasing, Adrian Kosowski, Alfredo Navarra:

"On the Complexity of Distributed Greedy Coloring"
Tal Mizrahi and Yoram Moses:
"Long Live Continuous Consensus"

Virendra J. Marathe, Michael F. Spear, and Michael L. Scott:
"Transaction Safe Nonblocking Data Structures"

Colette Johnen and Lisa Higham:
"Fault-tolerant Implementations of Atomic Registers by Weaker Registers in Networks Models"

Arpita Patra, Ashish Choudhary, Kannan Srinathan and Chandrasekharan Pandu Rangan:
"Perfectly Reliable and Secure Communication in Directed Networks Tolerating Mixed Adversary"

Alysson Neves Bessani, Miguel Correia, Henrique Moniz, Nuno Ferreira Neves, Paulo Verissimo:
"When 3f+1 is not Enough: Tradeoffs for Decentralized Asynchronous Byzantine Consensus"

Rodrigo Schmidt, Fernando Pedone:
"A Bottom-up Analysis of the Deferred Update Technique"

Michael Okun:
"On Impersonation vs. On Impersonation vs. Asynchrony"

Damon Mosk-Aoyama, Tim Roughgarden, Devavrat Shah:
"Fully Distributed Algorithms for Convex Optimization Problems"