🌍✨ Exciting times were had at our recent #ErasmusPlus project EPSILON transnational meeting in beautiful Lithuania on May 14-15, 2024! Together, we collaborated and innovated for a better future. 🚀📊#EPSILONProject#DataForGood#TransnationalMeeting

📅 **Meeting Highlights:**

– Engaged in insightful presentations and discussions on European Data for Good initiatives.

– Explored best practices and new use cases.

– Took a tour of the stunning Kaunas Campus & Library.

– Delved into the current status of our Knowledge Platform and Business Intelligence Toolkit.

– Planned our next steps for Teaching & Training Materials, Dissemination, and the Project Website.

It was an inspiring event filled with productive discussions and new collaborations! 💡✨

Stay tuned for more updates and follow EPSILON’s journey! 🚀📚