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eRACE Short Description

eRACE is organized as a two-tier architecture. The first tier includes components that manage services provided to users: the Service Manager, Content-Distribution Agents, and Personal Information Roadmap (PIR) Servlets. The Service Manager is comprised of modules for handling user connection and profile management. Content-Distribution Agents retrieve content pertinent to user and service profiles, and maintained in the caches of eRACE's Agent Proxies (with meta-information kept in the Annotation Cache). Content is aggregated by the CDA's, which decide when and how to disseminate it to end-users. eRACE provides users with seamless access to their content through the Personal Information Roadmap (PIR). This is a customized user-interface that implements a simple e-mail based information provision paradigm, seeking to cope with problems of network disorientation and information overloading.

The second tier of eRACE consists of a number of protocol-specific Agent-Proxies like WebRACE, mailRACE, newsRACE and dbRACE that retrieve and cache information from the WWW, POP3 email-accounts, USENET NNTP-news, and Web-database queries respectively. A Request Scheduler scans continuously a profile database and drives the execution of the Agent-Proxies. Results of Agent-Proxy execution are filtered and tagged with meta-information associating them with the corresponding user-profile, and stored in the corresponding Agent-proxy Object Cache. Meta-information is kept in the Annotation Cache and used by the Content-Distribution Scheduler to prepare the information dissemination through the Content-Ditribution Agents.

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