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DIAMOND.gif (73 bytes)EMERGENCY-112: An Integrated Portable Device for Emergency Telemedicine

European Commission, 4th Framework - Health Telematics Applications Programme

The objective of this project will be to develop an integrated portable medical device for emergency telemedicine. This device will facilitate the reduction of treatment time, improve medical diagnosis, and reduce costs. The transmission of critical biosignals (ECG, BP, HR, SpO2, Temperature) and Images to an emergency call center will enable physicians to direct pre-hospital care more effectively, leading to a reduction in mortality.

The Co-ordinator of this project is the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and the other partners are: ATM Group, Sweden, ESAOTE SpA, Italy, R&S Informatica, Italy, CPR - Pisa Hospital, Italy, Universitetssjukhuset MAS, Sweden, Epsilon Software, Greece, Medical Diagnosis&Treatment L.T.D, Greece, PANAFON Hellenic S.A., Greece, AMBULANCIAS ALVAREZ, S.L, Spain, University of Cyprus, Ministry of Health, Cyprus.

January 1998 - December 2000

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