Project Specific Objectives

This general objective can be broken down to four more specific objectives that would together achieve the overall goal of the project as follows:

i.  To study and develop a generic interactive distributed multimedia framework, which will take  advantage of recent advances in a number of related areas such as: multimedia modelling and development, middleware platforms and coordination models, parallel and distributed software engineering, digital libraries, and networking techniques.

ii. To tailor the functionality of this framework so that it is suitable for cultural exploration across national and regional boundaries.

iii. To technologically build particular prototypes of these regional Electronic Roads.

iv. To deploy these systems in various studies of the social and educational impact of the Information Society in the Euro-Med region.

Under the first objective, the project will develop the basic infrastructure that is required for the implementation of a novel metaphor, namely that of “electronic roads”. The second objective of the project aims to develop this new metaphor for searching of information on the Internet and the WWW. This will allow users to explore information by dynamically selecting a journey that suits their own interests as they follow the road and discover new information that they judge useful. Furthermore, the underlying infrastructure will be trying to accommodate the user’s requests in the best possible way, taking into account the constraints imposed by the available hardware, software functionality, networking capabilities and traffic, etc. The third objective aims to adapt and connect together various such multimedia cultural systems that exist locally in the neighbouring countries of the participants to form transnational regional roads. Their cultural exploration would be transparent to the different communities of the region adapting to the different linguistic and cultural backgrounds of these communities. These systems will form the basis for various social studies to evaluate their significance in several contexts such as education, tourism and cultural integration. This fourth objective will thus also serve as the main form of evaluation of the project where the value of such systems of regional cultural roads in various aspects of the Information Society is studied. An "End Users Group" will be formed to assist in this part of the project.

The project’s outcomes, and more to the point, the generic interactive distributed multimedia framework, the user-level environment for cultural exploration across national and regional boundaries, and the prototypes that the partners will build, should be compared favourably with existing environments for presenting multimedia-based information for cultural, educational and other domains, using web-based technology and novel technologies.  

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