Project General Objective

Multimedia systems and their interconnection over global information networks like that of the Internet have, due to recent advances in telecommunications and transfer of images of high quality, acquired an enormous interest and importance as they provide a whole new spectrum of communication possibilities. It is now very important to study the problem of building effective distributed and interactive multimedia systems and at the same time learn how to exploit and evaluate their impact in the development of our society at large.

The general objective of this project is to contribute to the development of these systems as well as to study the social impacts of a state-of- the-art prototype. More specifically, an interactive, distributed multimedia system will be developed, which will take advantage of recent advances in the areas of multimedia modelling and development, middleware platforms and coordination models, parallel and distributed software engineering, digital libraries, and networking techniques. This prototype will be tailored to the specific needs of cultural exploration; furthermore, it will be particularly suitable for areas such as education, training, cultural integration, tourism, and electronic commerce. Thus, the overall objective of this project is to set up a framework to support Electronic Roads, by means of developing cross-national links of them, and use them for cultural and historical exploration in several countries of the Euro-Med region. In other words, the general aim of the project is to offer a concrete contribution to the creation (and evaluation of its impact) of the Information Society in the Euro-Med region.  

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