Specific Research Topic

The programme includes the following work packages:


a. The creation of a systematic catalogue and the analysis of the historical data that constitute the historical map of Cyprus during the periods referred to. 
Paphos,Chrysopolitissa, Early Christian Basilica, 4th cent. 


Kourion, marble statue base bearing a digraphic inscription in Greek Alphabetic and Cypro-syllabic script, 4th cent. B. C. 

The creation of a database of the epigraphic documents including the Cypro-syllabic, Phoenician Greek, Latin and Arabic inscriptions found in Cyprus or elsewhere but referring to Cyprus.    

c. The compilation of a numismatic catalogue and archive with all coins minted in Cyprus in the given periods. 
Salamis, Octadrachm of Ptolemy V Epiphanes (204/3 B.C.)
d. Salamis, Gymnasion, Roman Period  The construction of a detailed catalogue of all architectural monuments (public buildings, temples, churches, monasteries, fortifications, aqueducts,  
cemeteries) within their geographical and topographical frame.    
Carpasia, Church of St. Philon (9th cent.)
e. Petra tou Romiou site between Kourion and Paphos, legendary birthplace of Aprodite. 
The regional extension of the geographical and topographical data on the basis of extensive surveys.    
f. The selection of all testimonia from the Greek, Latin, Syriac, Armenian, Arabic and Hebrew narrative sources and the creation of an interface of  their data.  
Kykkos Monastery, manuscript of 17th / 18th cent.
g. Kourion, the Theater, Roman Period 
Research and development of a network multimedia application on Internet, based on the recent technological advances (Java platform, multimedia object oriented database systems, distributed web systems) for storing, retrieving and presentation of the catalogues created by the programme.  
h. The creation of the digital map of Cyprus in Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) to support the database.   
Map of Cyprus, 16th cent.