ICLP'01             and            ICLP'02

     Paphos, Cypress                 Copenhagen, Denmark

   Nov 26 - Dec 1, 2001             July 27 - Aug 1, 2002




                     2001 ~~~~~~ 2002


Due to the close proximity of the two ICLP'01 and 02, the organizers

have decided to issue a joint call for workshop proposal.


Workshops provide a platform for presentation of preliminary

work or novel ideas in a less formal way than the conference itself.

It is an opportunity to disseminate work in progress, particularly

for new researchers. It also provides a venue for presenting more

specialized topics and opportunities for more intensive discussions

and exchange of ideas. The topics of the workshops can cover any

area within logic programming or any related cross-disciplinary areas.


To encourage active participation and exchange of ideas, the

workshops will be kept small, preferably under 40 participants.

The format of the workshop will be determined by the organizer(s)

proposing the workshop, but ample time must be allowed for general



Proposals for workshops that re-occur in 2001 and 2002 are encouraged.

In such cases, the proposal should explain how it would exploit this

opportunity of spanning the workshop over the two meetings.


Workshop proposals should consist of two parts. First, a

short scientific justification of the proposed topic, its

significance, and the particular benefits of the workshop.

A second, organizational part should include

- contact information about organizers

- proposed format and agenda

- procedures for selecting papers and participants

- duration (which may vary from one half, one full or two days)

- preferred period (2001 or 2002 or both).


Additional organizational information may include

- potential invited speakers

- demonstration sessions

- plans for proceedings or other publications


Proposals should be sent to one or both workshop coordinators by

the indicated deadline:


ICLP'01:   Antonio Brogi,        April 20, 2001

ICLP'02:   Henning Christiansen,      May 15, 2001


Organizers will be notified by June 1, 2001.


Notice: Proposals for ICLP'02 will be forwarded to the

FLoC'02 workshop coordinator.


ICLP'01 takes place together with CP'01, Principles and Practice of

Constraint Programming, so particular attention will be given to

workshop proposals that bring together topics from both these fields.


ICLP'02 is part of FLoC'02, Federated Logic Conferences, including

also LICS'02, FM'02, RTA'02, CADE'02, CAV'02, and TABLEAUX'02.