Software created in the Lab
Intencive Care Window

Intensive Care Window (ICW) application is a software framework that enables the retrieval and integration of data from inpatient-attached medical sensors found in modern Intensive Care Units.

ICW follows a modular design to retrieve data from different patient monitoring devices. The tool includes full-fledged interaction protocols and graphical user-interface to interact with intelligent medical devices (such as Phillips IntelliVue MP70 or Ventilator840 ).


g-Eclipse is an integrated workbench framework to access the power of existing Grid infrastructures.

For more information please visit the g-Eclipse Website


GridBench (G.Tsouloupas, M. Dikaiakos. 2003-2005). A tool for Grid benchmarking.

For more information please visit the GridBench website

eRACE Crawler & WebRace

WebRACEv4 (D. Zeinalipour-Yazti, M. Dikaiakos, E. Tsiakkouri, E. Georgiou, 1999-2004) A User driven Crawler. WebRACEv4 is a prototype HTTP Retrieval, Annotation and Caching Engine developed in Java. WebRace is the WWW Agent-Proxy of eRACE.
For more information about eRace please visit eRace website.
For more information about WebRace please visit WebRace website

Download the Code from here


HelpDesk (D. Zeinalipour-Yazti, M. Dikaiakos, 1998-1999) Web-based system for computer lab administration. In use on a daily basis (since 1999) by the users and administrators of the Computer Science Department at the University of Cyprus for registering and resolving requests related to computer-system use(

Cognitive Development Test

Cognitive Development Test (E. Tsiakkouri, M. Dikaiakos. 2000-2002). Web-based system for the definition and administration of computerized cognitive development tests. In use by University of Cyprus researchers at elementary schools of Cyprus.

Digital Portfolio 4

Digital Portfolio (E. Georgiou, A. Stassopoulou, M. Dikaiakos. 2002-2003). Java-based environment for the development and publication of teachers' portfolios in digital format. Used in pilot studies by Cypriot high-school teachers.

For more information please visit project´s website

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You may also find the helpfile useful.


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