Intensive Care Window

ICW Description


Identifying CIEs, thus assuring accurate diagnosis or/and even early prognosis, is a critical and vital factor in todayís physician practices. Our vision is to provide a seamless solution for collecting and processing in real time patientís clinical information that, in conjunction with physiciansí expertise and knowledge, will deliver high standard medical treatment to our fellow citizens.


Modern Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) introduce a colorful collection of medical devices/systems used for various types of tasks that have an important role in modern physician practices. Installed in Hospitals, clinics or even private resorts HIS deliver high-standard, sustainable services to patients. These modern intelligent devices/systems assist physicians in monitoring, visualization and diagnosis. Intensive Care Units (ICU) are by far the most advanced equipped division in a healthcare resort. Each ICU bed is equipped with sophisticated HIS delivering 24/7 services for life support, monitoring, drug supply etc. HIS are capable of interfacing with electronic devices, such as computers, and export valuable information about patientís vital state. The exported information consists of large amount, highly complex data streams that need to be stored and processed in real time in order to identify Clinical Interesting Episodes (CIE).

ICW is a front-end stand alone application equipped with essential interface points and intercommunication functions that enable sustainable and uninterrupted real-time medical information data stream acquisition from HIS devices. ICW also introduces tools for management and bookkeeping patientís electronic envelopes (PEE). These PEEs are used for recording patientís medical condition history, applied treatment history, free-text notes and annotations. Using the post analysis toolset, which accompanies ICW, physicians can retrieve recorded information (data-streams, treatment logs, etc) and apply filtering rules (simple data mining procedures) for early diagnosis/prognosis or even creating reach context reports.

Intensive Care Window Architecture Diagram

The MDIL framework introduces an object oriented software development kit and a runtime library that can be used independently from application level software executables. The framework provides solutions to Medical Device communication interface software developers and hides the communication path complexity to medical information system developers. Solutions provided by the framework can be summarised to: a) realisation of communication interfaces, b) hides complex communication paths, c) communication interface management and d) MD and MD export data type classification.