Program Committee

Organized by:

2004cc: Continuity of Care in e-Health

ICT Applications & Development of New e-Health Technologies

EMISPHER 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference June 24-26, Cyprus and Algiers

 Dr Theodoros Kyprianou, Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus

 Prof. Gamal Wafa, Aim Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

 Prof. Cavit Avcit, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Turkey

 Prof. Riadh Gouider, Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, Tunisia



Conference General Chair

 Dr Georgy Graschew,

Coordinator of EMISPHER




Program Committee Chairs

 Prof. Marios Dikaiakos

University of Cyprus


 Prof. Hamid Kessis

Agence Nationale de Documentation de la Sante




Dissemination Committee

 Catherine C. Chronaki




 Dr. Frank Lacord

IMA (Inter-Mutuelles Assistance)


Local Organizing Committee

 Prof. Marios Dikaiakos

University of Cyprus


 Nicos Nicolaou

Cyprus Telecom Authority


 Maria Poveda

University of Cyprus


 Eleni Tsiakkouri

University of Cyprus


 Dr. Theodoros Kyprianou,

Nicosia General Hospital


Technical Chair

 Eleni Tsiakkouri

University of Cyprus


Strand 2 110

EMISPHER Strand 2 Project 110 funded by the European Commission in the frame of the program EUMEDIS aims at promoting cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean area

 Maria Poveda

University of Cyprus

Technical Services

 Kyriacos Neocleous

University of Cyprus


 Wei Xing

University of Cyprus