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2004cc: Continuity of Care in e-Health is the theme for the 3rd EMISPHER Euro-Mediterranean Conference on ICT Applications & Development of New e-Health Technologies. It aims at bringing together medical practitioners, researchers and educators in several fields ( information technology, e-health applications and ICT research in the health sector) to share their views and discuss more recent advances in the theory and applications of New e-Health Technologies, operational, and tactical problems in e-Health.

Recent EMISPHER conferences and workshops have attracted and brought together a wide array of distinguished medical practitioners, Information Technology facilitators and easy-to-use real-time telemedicine support systems.

We are particularly interested in telemedicine methodologies that integrate aspects of the fields bellow for assisting in the continuity of care.

Thematic Sessions:

· Telemedicine and Home Care Applications

· Telediagnosis

· e-Health Applications and Networks

· Health Data and Information-Patient Data Security

· Patient Administration Systems


· Medical Knowledge via web

· Multimedia and Medical e-Learning

· Real-time Telemedicine


2004cc: Continuity of Care in e-Health

ICT Applications & Development of New e-Health Technologies

EMISPHER  3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference June 24-26, Cyprus and Algiers

Strand 2 110

EMISPHER  Strand 2 Project 110 funded by the European Commission in the frame of the program EUMEDIS aims at promoting cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean area