2004cc: Continuity of Care in e-Health

ICT Applications & Development of New e-Health Technologies


Welcome to 2004cc: Continuity of Care in e-Health, the website for the EMISPHER 3rd Euro-MEDiterranean Conference, on New e-Health Technologies. This was a combined event taking place between Cyprus and Algiers, with the usage of IP connection over GEANT. The conference took place on the 26th of June 2004 and it was organized in Cyprus, by the University of Cyprus (UCY) and in Algiers, by the Agence Nationale de Documentation de la Sante (ANDS).


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EMISPHER  3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference June 24-26, Cyprus and Algiers

Strand 2 110


EMISPHER (Euro-Mediterranean Internet-Satellite Platform for Health, Education and Research) is a project co-funded by the European Commission in the frame of the program EUMEDIS that aims at promoting cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean area.


The objective of this conference, with the theme Continuity of Care, it was to present the latest developments of New E-Health technologies and ICT (information and communication technologies) contributing to the continuity of care, which in a way or another, affects the health of patients and citizens.

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eInfrastructures: Paving the way for Networked Research Applications between Europe and the Mediterranean area

Ms Maria Ramalho-Natario from EU Commission


Fostering the Deployment of eInfrastructures: EGEE and Healthgrids”

Ignacio Blanquer-Espert fromUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia  (UPV)


Enabling Grids for eScience in Europe: The EGEE Project

Marios Dikaiakos from University of Cyprus (UCY)


Computing protein interactions with a computational grid

Dimitrios Vogiatzis University of Cyprus (UCY)


eInfrastructures at UCY

Hercules Vladimirou from University of Cyprus (UCY)

ICU: Internal Care & Grids

Dr Theodoros Kyprianou  from Nicosia General Hospital