8-10 NOVEMBER 2001
15.00-18.00 Registration ( Hilton Hotel )
8.00-9.00 Registration ( Hilton Hotel )
9.00-10.30 Opening of the Conference
10.30-11.15 Plenary Session 1: Keynote Speaker Dr. George Papakonstantinou,
Secretary of the Ministry of National Economy of Greece, leader of the project "The Information Society"
11.15-11.45 Break
11.45-13.30 Session 1A: 
Netwotk & 
System Design
Session 1B: 
Software & 
Session 1C: 
Access Methods & 
Text Processing
Session 1D: 
Data Structures 
& Algorithms
Session 1E:
Presentations I
13.30-14.45 Lunch ( Sponsored by Demstar Information Group Ltd, Address by Mr. Stelios Colocassides, Managing Director
14.45-16.15 Session 2A: 
Workshop on 
Session 2B: 
Workshop on 
Mobile Services
Session 2C: 
Warehouses, OLAP, 
& Digital Libraries
Session 2D: 
Workshop on 
Software Usability
Session 2E:
Presentations II
16.15-16.30 Break
16.30-18.00 Session 3A: 
Workshop on 
Session 3B: 
Workshop on 
Mobile Services
Session 3C: 
Spatial & 
Temporal Databases
Session 3D: 
Workshop on
Software Usability
19.30 Reception by the Mayor of Nicosia, Mr.Lellos Demetriades, Famagusta Gate
8.00-9.00 Registration ( Hilton Hotel )
9.00-10.00 Plenary Session 2: Keynote Speaker Prof. Christos Papadimitriou,
Chairman of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Berkeley, USA 
"Algorithmic problems related to the Internet"
10.00-10.15 Break
10.15-11.45 Plenary Session 3: Panel: "Cyprus-Greece-Med-Europe towards the Information Society"
Moderator: C. Schizas
Panelists:  C. Agrotis (Director DITS, Chairman CCS), S. Orphanoudakis (Professor, University of Crete), P. Spyrakis (Professor, University of Patras), N. Timotheou (General Manager, CYTA), Y. Tsiadis (ALTEC/Greece, Association of IT Enterprises of Greece),  P. Anastasiadis (Lecturer, University of Cyprus)
11.45-12.00 Break
12.00-13.30 Session 4A: 
Wireless & 
Mobile Computing
Session 4B: 
Educational Software
Session 4C: 
Session 4D: 
Intelligent Systems
Session 4E:
Presentations III
13.30-14.45 Lunch ( Sponsored by the Cyprus Development Bank )
14.45-16.15 Session 5A: 
Workshop on
Human Capital
Session 5B: 
Learning and 
Session 5C: 
Artificial Intelligence 
& Neural Networks
Session 5D: 
Workshop on 
Venture Capital
Session 5E:
Presentations IV
16.15-16.30 Break
16.30-18.00 Session 6A: 
Workshop on 
Human Capital
Session 6B: 
Session 6C: 
Session 6D: 
Workshop on 
Venture Capital
Session 6E:
Presentations V
19.30 Dinner, Sponsored by CYTA ( Place to be announced )
8.00-8.45 Registration ( Hilton Hotel )
8.45-9.45 Plenary Session 4: Keynote Speaker Prof. Emmanuel Protonotarios
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
"Quality of Service in IP Networks"
9.45-10.00 Break
10.00-11.45 Session 7A: 
Parallel and 
Distributed Systems
Session 7B: 
Workshop on Education 
Session 7C: 
Session 7D: 
Image Processing
Session 7E:
Presentations VI
11.45-12.00 Break
12.00-13.30 _ Session 8B: 
Workshop on Education 
Session 8C: 
Data Mining
Session 8D:
Graphics and Image 
Session 8E:
Presentations VII
13.30-14.45 Lunch ( Sponsored by the Bank of Cyprus, Welcome Address by Mr. Vassos Sharly, Group General Manager, Branch/Retail Banking )
14.45-16.15 _ Session 9B: 
Workshop on Didactics
Session 9C: 
Advanced Databases
Session 9D: 
Web-based Applications
Session 9E:
Presentations VIII
16.15-16.30 Break
16.30-18.00 _ Session 10B: 
Workshop on Didactics
Session 10C: 
Session 10D: 
Advanced Applications
Session 10E:
Presentations IX
Session 1A: Networks & System Design (Chair N. Koziris)

Dynamically Defined VPN Architecture
S. Androulidakis, Y. Bouloudis, C. Chatziathanasiou, G. Lioudakis, G. Patikis, I. Roussaki 
and S. Xynogalas (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 Experimental Testing of PLATO, a Reconfigurable Active ATM Network Node
A. Dollas, D. Pnevmatikatos, N. Aslanides, E. Sotiriades, S. Kavvadias and
S. Zogopoulos (Technical Univ. of Crete)

 Modular Modeling of Large-Scale Systems using Communicating X-Machines
P. Kefalas, G. Eleftherakis and E. Kehris (City Liberal Studies)

 Computing the QR Decomposition of a Long Dense Matrix Having a Minimum Fill-in Sparse Orthogonal Matrix
E. Kontoghiorghes (Univ. of Neuchatel)

 The AGENDA-II Hardware Compilation Environment
I. Panagopoulos, G. Economakos (National Technical Univ. of Athens), E. Tsirogiannis, 
M. Peykianakis, C. Botsaris (Univ. of Patras), I. Hounda and A. Kossidas (TEI of Piraeus)

Session 1B: Software & Languages (Chair I. Vlahavas)

On the Development of Petri Net Template Models for Real-time Software Design and Verification
D. Ananidou (TEI of Thessaloniki), G. Hassapis (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki) and 
D. Kleftouris (TEI of Thessaloniki)

 Design Patterns and Class Evolution
A. Kopanitsanos, A. Vlachou and G. Gyftodimos (Univ. of Athens)

 A Greek Morphological Lexicon and its Exploitation by a Greek Controlled Language Checker
G. Petasis, V. Karkaletsis, D. Farmakiotou, G. Samaritakis, I. Androutsopoulos and
C. Spyropoulos (Demokritos)

 Are Behavioural Design Patterns Enough for Behavioural Evolution in Object Oriented Systems?
D. Theotokis, A. Sotiropoulou, G. Gyftodimos and P. Georgiadis (Univ. of Athens)

 Development of an Environment for Programming and Code Generation
for the TMS320C30 DSP using SIMULINK
K. Konstantinidou and A. Traganitis (Univ. of Crete)

Session 1C: Access Methods & Text Processing (Chair G. Evangelidis)

RPST: a Randomized Data Structure for the 1 1/2-dimensional Range Query Problem
P. Bozanis (Univ. of Thessaly)

 The MB-Tree: a Symmetric Data Structure for Multidimensional Indexing
D. Kapopoulos and M. Hatzopoulos (Univ. of Athens)

 A Performance Comparison of R-tree Deletion Algorithms
A. Nanopoulos and M. Vassilakopoulos (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

 Performance Issues of the k-NN Text Categorization Algorithm
S. Nikolaidis and T. Kalamboukis (Athens Univ. of Economics and Business)

 S-Index Implementation and Performance for Textbases
I. Nitsos (Univ. of Macedonia, Thessaloniki), D. Dervos (TEI of Thessaloniki) and 
G. Evangelidis (Univ. of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)

Session 1D: Data Structures & Algorithms (Chair A. Philippou)

Experimental Study of Colouring and MIS Algorithms on Planar Graphs
M. Andreou and P. Spirakis (Univ. of Patras)

 Efficient Trip Generation with a Regulation Modeling Language for Airline Crew Scheduling
C. Goumopoulos (Lyseis) and E. Housos (Univ. of Patras)

 k-Splay is not logkN
D. McClurkin and G. Georgakopoulos (Univ. of Crete)

 Path Multi-Coloring in Weighted Graphs
C. Nomikos (Univ. of Ioannina), A. Pagourtzis (Univ. of Liverpool),
K. Potika and S. Zachos (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 Deciding Normalization and Computing Normal Forms for S-Terms
S. Zachos, S. Routzounis and P. Hilaris (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

Session 1E: Professional Presentations I

IT: Enabling New Generation Telecomm Services
Nicos Timotheou, General Manager, and Aristos Riris, Head of Mobile Services Division (CYTA)

Technology Transfer in Information Technology
Antonis Antoniou (Cyprus Institute of Technology)

Information Technology: Enabler for Total Enterprise Optimisation
Phaidon Daskopoulos, (Hyperion Systems Engineering)

Session 2A: Workshop on e-Government (I) (Chair P. Georgiadis)

Perspectives on e-Government 
R. Traunmuller and M. Wimmer (University of Linz

Electronic Government Services to Citizens and Businesses - Guidelines and Issues 
G. Mentzas (National Technical Univ. of Athens), D. Gouscos (Univ. of the Aegean
and P. Georgiadis (Greek Ministry of Finance)

Session 2B: Workshop on Mobile Services (Chair M. Dikaiakos)

It is Dangerous to Put Limits on Wireless
Joao Da Silva (European Commission)

Mobile eServices
Afroditi Tsalgatidou (Univ. of Athens)

Session 2C: Warehouses, OLAP & Digital Libraries (Chair G. Samaras)

ARION: a Scalable Architecture for a Digital Library of Scientific Collections
C. Houstis and S. Lalis (Univ. of Crete)

 ERATOSTHENES: Design and Architecture of an OLAP System
N. Karayannidis, P. Vassiliadis, A. Tsois and T. Sellis (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 The Opsis Project: Materialized Views for Data Warehouses and the Web
N. Roussopoulos (Univ. of MD at College Park), Y. Kotidis (AT & T), A. Labrinidis and 
Y. Sismanis (Univ. of MD at College Park)

 Quality-oriented Optimization of the Design of the Global Data Warehouse
P. Vassiliadis, S. Ligoudistianos, T. Sellis and D. Theodoratos (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

Session 2D: Workshop on Software Usability (I)  (Chair N. Avouris)

Introduction to Software Usability 
N. Avouris (Univ. Of Patras

Usability Perspective in Software Quality 
M. Xenos (CTI, Patras

A Structured Approach for Problem Solving in Software Usability Evaluation 
I. Stamelos (Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki

Heuristicaly Evaluating Web-sites with Novice and Expert Evaluators 
A. Karoulis and A. Pombortsis (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki

Session 2E: Professional Presentations II

Internet Application Service Provision (ASP)
Mr. Haris Constantinou, (ThunsderWorx)

Business Portals : the New Media for e-Business Interchange
George Mouyis, SAP Technology Manager, (SAP Cyprus)

Session 3A: Workshop on e-Government (II) (Chair G. Mentzas)

E-procurement Process Optimization (EPPO) in Government 
K.V. Andersen, M.H. Larsen, A.M. Fogelgren-Pedersen and N. Juul (Copenhagen Business School

Technology to improve Communication between Governments and Citizens 
A. Macintosh (Napier Univ.

E-government and E-democracy: Practices and Problems 
I. Snellen (Erasmus Univ. of Rotterdam

Session 3B: Workshop on Mobile Services (Chair M. Dikaiakos)

DITIS: Mobile Services in the Health Sector
G. Samaras (Univ. of Cyprus)

Wireless Communication: a Users Perspective
E. Yammalidou (Hyperion Systems Engineering)

Panel Discussion

Sesion 3C: Spatial & Temporal Databases (Chair A. Tsakalidis)

Distance-Based Queries in Multidimensional Data Spaces using R-trees
A. Corral, J. Rodriguez (Univ. of Almeria) and M. Vassilakopoulos (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

 Developing Decision Support Tools for Confronting Seismic Hazards
A. Gerbesioti, V. Delis, Y. Theodoridis (CTI of Patras)
and Stavros Anagnostopoulos (University of Patras)

 Action Theories in Temporal Databases
N. Papadakis and D. Plexousakis (Univ. of Crete)

 Spatiotemporal SQL extension
J. Rios Viqueira (Univ. of Corunia) and N. Lorentzos (Agricultural Univ. of Athens)

 Integration of Spatial Descriptive Statistical Data and Geographic Information
M. Sabrakos, I. Filis and T. Tsiligiridis (Agricultural Univ. of Athens)

Session 3D: Workshop on Software Usability (II) (Chair S. Retalis)

Learning Environments and Usability: Appropriateness and Complementarily of Evaluation methods 
A. Dimitracopoulou (Univ. of the Aegean

The Experience from Hands-on Evaluation of Educational Software 
S. Retalis (Univ. of Cyprus) and Y. Psaromiligkos (TEI of Piraeus

Usability Evaluation of an On-Line Modern Greek Language Course 
P. Zaphiris (Wayne State Univ.) and G. Zacharia (MIT

User Interaction with Distributed Scientific Libraries 
P. Constantinou (IBM Cyprus) and N. Avouris (Univ. of Patras

GEMINI: a Platform for Developing Natural Language and Speech-based Interactive Systems 
K. Sgarbas (Univ. of Patras), A. Tsopanoglou (Knowledge), N. Fakotakis and G. Kokkinakis (Univ. of Patras

Session 4A: Wireless & Mobile Computing (Chair A. Pitsillides)

Secure Networking using Mobile IP
A. Karakos and S. Siozos (Democritus Univ. of Thrace)

 Mobility Management in DECT/IPv6 Networks
S. Paskalis, G. Lampropoulos and G. Stefanou (Univ. of Athens)

 A WWW System for Wireless Networks: Design, Implementation and Performance Assessment
M. Spanoudakis, S. Hadjiefthymiades and L. Merakos (Univ. of Athens)

 A DECT-IP Interworking for Quality of Service Support
D. Ziotopoulou (TEI of Athens), D. Skyrianoglou (Univ. of Athens), K. Orfanakos and
E. Zervas (TEI of Athens)

Session 4B: Educational Software (Chair D. Sampson)

DIKTIOMA-NET LEARNING: a Network Multimedia Application Developed for Educational Purposes
A. Damianakis, A. Axaridou, M. Pitarokilis, P. Klemathianakis, E. Kontaxaki (Conceptum) and
N. Christodoulakis (Univ. of Athens)

 e.learn: The Greek Learning Management System
M. Kordopati (Exodus)

 TeLoDe: Towards creating an Intelligent Computer Algebra System
I. Paraskakis (City Liberal Studies)

 An Educational Programming Environment for Novices
M. Satratzemi, V. Dagdilelis, G. Evangelidis and V. Efopoulos (Univ. of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)

 eEdu: a Database-Driven Tool for Online Education Material
P. Trancoso (Intercollege, Cyprus)

Session 4C: Database Implementation (Chair Y. Theodoridis)

Determining User Authorizations in Distributed Database Systems
I. Mavridis and G. Pangalos (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

 Structuring the Commit Tree for Better Performance of Two Phase Commit Processing
G. Samaras, G. Kyrou (Univ. of Cyprus) and P. Chrysanthis (Univ. of Pittsburgh)

 An Access Control Model for Multimedia Medical Image Security
S. Tzelepi and G. Pangalos (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

 Multimedia Data Elevation under a Hierarchical Storage Model
A. Vakali and E. Terzi (Purdue Univ.)

Session 4D: Intelligent Systems (Chair G. Antoniou)

Belief Revision in Propositional Knowledge Bases
G. Flouris and D. Plexousakis (Univ. of Crete)

 HYMES - a HYbrid Modular Expert System with Efficient Inference and Explanation
I. Hatzilygeroudis and D. Prentzas (Univ. of Patras)

 Building Intelligent Collaborative Interface Agents with the ICagent Development Framework
V. Kourakos-Mavromichalis and G. Vouros (Univ. of the Aegean)

 A New Technique for Knowledge Sharing and Reuse
M. Maliappis and A. Sideridis (Agricultural Univ. of Athens)

Session 4E: Professional Presentations III

e-Business Infrastructure: the Foundation for Success in the New Economy
Phanos Pitiris (Data Group)

Winning the War on Complexity
Alexis Aloneftis, Oracle Operations Manager (LK Globalsoft.com Ltd)

Business Integration - One of Today's Biggest Challenges
Stelios Colocassides, Managing Director (Demstar Information Group)

Session 5A: Workshop on Human Capital and Continuing Education in ICT (I)
(Chair V. Michalakopoulos)

Policies and Initiatives for Reducing the ICT Skills Shortage in Europe 
V. Laopodis (European Commission

ICT Professional: is our Profession an Attractive one? 
S. Arff (CEPIS

ICT Skills Education: Prerequisite for Economic Development 
N. Sabanis (SUN Greece & Cyprus)

Information Society and Impact on Employment 
N. Kastis (Lambrakis Research Foundation

ICT Literacy for all: a Societal Perspective 
A. Kyrtsis (Univ. of Athens

Session 5B: Learning and Technology (Chair I. Hatzilygeroudis)

Learning on the Web: the Issue of Interactivity and its Effects on Learners' Thinking
C. Angeli (Univ. of Cyprus) and C. Bonk (Univ. of Indiana)

 Issues in Educational Groupware over Wireless Networks
E. Diamadis and G. Polyzos (Athens Univ. of Economics and Business)

 Modelling a Versatile Mathematical Curriculum for Low-attainers
K. Georgouli (TEI of Athens)

 Criteria for Evaluation of the Effectiveness for Networked Learning Programmes
T. Kargidis (TEI of Thessaloniki), A. Manitsaris (Univ. of Macedonia, Thessaloniki) and 
D. Stamatis (TEI of Thessaloniki)

Session 5C: Artificial Intelligence & Neural Nets (Chair E. Keravnou)

Business Rules Formalization
A. Arief and G. Antoniou (Griffith Univ.)

 A Formal Framework for the Specification and Implementation of Neural Networks
D. Dranidis (City Liberal Studies)

 Making Political Decisions using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: the FYROM Crisis
A. Tsadiras, I. Kouskouvelis and K. Margaritis (Univ. of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)

 Bi-Directional Heuristic Planning in State-Spaces
D. Vrakas and I. Vlahavas (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

Session 5D: Workshop on Venture Capital (I) (Chair P. Evripidou)

Open Ratings: Founding a technology startup 
G. Zacharia, Chief Scientist and Founder (Open Ratings)

Venture Capital ,Start-ups and Incubators the Greek experience 
G. Kintis, CEO (New Economy Development Fund, Greece

Entrepreneurship dynamics in Easter Europe 
T. Evgeniou, Assistant Professor of Information Systems (INSEAD Business School)

Session 5E: Professional Presentations IV

eBusiness eVolution : What are we Doing About it?
Andreas Hadjioannou, Managing Director (Virtual IT)

Direct Banking
Demetris Loucaides, Direct Banking Manager (Bank of Cyprus)

Customer eService as a Competitive Advantage: the Laiki eBank Experience
Andreas Theodosiou (Laiki Bank)

Session 6A: Workshop on Human Capital and Continuing Education in ICT (II)
(Chair V. Laopodis)

e-Learning: Approaches for Vocational Training 
Y. Halaris (TEI of Athens

STAR-Online: Building Online Learning Communities for Professional Development and Continuing Education 
Ch. Vrasidas (Western Illinois University

ICT Skills Certification: from ECDL to EPICS 
S. Bakogiannis (Greek Computer Society, Greek Ministry of Education

Panel on the ICT and e-business Skills Shortage in the SouthEast Europe 
K. Kokkinos (IBM Cyprus), Representative of SEPE (Association of Hellenic ICT companies), Ch. Nicolaou (Univ. of Crete), Representative of the Cyprus Government, D. Eftaxias (Greek Computer Society), P. Massouras (Cyprus Computer Society), Representative of the Cyprus Workers Union 

Session 6B: e-Learning Systems (Chair V. Dagdilelis)

A Layered Component-based Architecture for a Virtual Learning Environment
P. Avgeriou (National Technical Univ. of Athens), S. Retalis (Univ. of Cyprus),
M. Skordalakis (National Technical Univ. of Athens) and Y. Psaromiligos (TEI of Pireaus)

 CG-PerLS: Conceptual Graphs for Personalized Learning Systems
F. Kokkoras (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki), D. Sampson (ITI of Thessaloniki) and
I. Vlahavas (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

 Distributed & Online Distance Lecturing Environment (the Virtual Blackboard Project)
Y. Sagias (Exodus)

 A Personalized Web-based System Architecture for Defining Re-usable Adaptive Educational e-content
D. Sampson, C. Karagiannidis (ITI of Thessaloniki) and F. Cardinali (GIUNTI Interactive Labs)

Session 6C: Theoretical Foundations (Chair M. Mavronicolas)

A Distributed Temporal Logic Framework for the Verification and Synthesis of Reactive Systems
T. Andronikos, P. Potikas and S. Zachos (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 Analysis of an Innovative and Efficient Communication Strategy for Hierarchical Ad-hoc Mobile Networks
I. Chatzigiannakis, S. Nikoletseas and P. Spirakis (Univ. of Patras, CTI of Patras)

 Path-order Complexity Classes
A. Kiayias (City Univ. of NY), A. Pagourtzis (Univ. of Liverpool), K. Sharma (Farleigh Dickinson Univ.) and S. Zachos (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 Stability Results of FIFO Networks in the Adversarial Queueing Model
D. Koukopoulos, S. Nikoletseas and P. Spirakis (Univ. of Patras, CTI of Patras)

 Incorporating Homomorphic Reduction into Abstract Interpretation
V. Zoukos, G. Papakonstantinou and P. Tsanakas (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

Session 6D: Workshop on Venture Capital (II) (Chair P. Evripidou)

Panel discussion: Promoting Technological Innovation in Cyprus 
Chair: P. Evripidou 
Panelists: T. Theodorou (Direct Investment Division of CDB), S. Kassianides (CEO of Hyperion), O. Stylianou (Director, Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism), G. Zacharia, G. Kintis, 
T. Evgeniou 

 Launching of the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition (CyEC) 
 P. Evripidou and G. Zacharia 

Session 6E: Professional Presentations V

Document and Process Management in a modern business environment
Elias Petrides, Professional Services Manager (Datamedia - Cyprus)

Storage in the New Economy
David Drinkard (SUN Microsystems)

Session 7A: Parallel & Distributed Systems (Chair I. Garofalakis)

TOPPER: a Software Environment for the Enhancement of Parallel Programs
D. Konstantinou, G. Goumas, P. Theodoropoulos, N. Koziris and G. Papakonstantinou (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 D2NOW: Data Driven Multithreading on Conventional Control Flow Processors
C. Kyriacou and S. Evripidou (Univ. of Cyprus)

 Implementation of the String Matching Problem on a Cluster of Workstations
P. Michailidis and K. Margaritis (Univ. of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)

 A Pipelined Schedule for Loop Tiling to Minimize Overall Completion Time
A. Sotiropoulos and N. Koziris (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication Evaluation Using the BBCS Scheme
P. Stathis, S. Cotofana and S. Vassiliadis (Delft Univ. of Technology)

Session 7B: Workshop on Educational Technologies (I) (Chair S. Retalis)

Representative of the Cypriot Ministry of Education

A. Tsourouplis, General Secretary of the Greek Ministry of Education

Using ICT in schools in Cyprus: preparing and training primary school teachers
K. Konstantinou (University of Cyprus)

Experiences from using ICT in schools: open and distance learning and school collaboration
A. Eleftheriou and K Habiaouris (primary school teachers in Cyprus)

Models for introducing ICTs in secondary education: proposals on a training scheme for teachers 
A. Dimitracopoulou (University of Aegean)

The current situation of the application of educational technologies in universities: the current trends and plans.
T. Apostolopoulos (Athens University of Economic and Business

Activities and achievements in the field of special education: difficulties in using ICTs in special education
E. Triantafyllou (representative of organizations and institutes of special education)

Session 7C: Human-Computer Interaction (Chair I. Stamelos)

An Information Model of Evaluation Educational Software and Evaluating the Evaluators
M. Grigoriadou and S. Bakoyannis (Univ. of Athens)

 Empirical Evaluation of User Models and User-adapted Systems: a Layered Evaluation Review
C. Karagiannidis, D. Sampson (ITI of Thessaloniki) and P. Brusilovski (Univ. of Pittsburgh)

 Usability evaluation of Web-based applications
N. Tselios, C. Fidas and N. Avouris (Univ. of Patras)

 Studying Human-human Interaction in Computer-mediated On-line Environments
C. Vrasidas (Western Illinois Univ.)

 Website Content Accessibility of 30,000 Cypriot Web Sites
P. Zaphiris (Wayne State Univ.) and G. Zacharia (MIT)

Session 7D: Image Processing (Chair A. Lanitis)

Proving Copyright Ownership using Hard Instances of Computationally Intractable Problems
S. Armeni, D. Christodoulakis, I. Kostopoulos, Y. Stamatiou (Univ. of Patras, CTI of Patras)
and M. Xenos (Univ. of Patras, Open Univ.)

 A Randomized Singular Value Decomposition Algorithm for Applications
E. Drinea (Harvard Univ.), P. Drineas and P. Huggings (Yale Univ.)

 Face Detection by Support Vector Machines in the Walsh Transform Domain
A. Fazekas (Univ. of Debrecen), C. Kotropoulos, I. Buciu and I. Pitas (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

 Improved Defect Detection in Manufacturing Using Novel Multidimensional Wavelet Feature Extraction Involving Vector Quantization and PCA Techniques
D. Karras (Hellenic Aerospace Industry), S. Karkanis, D. Iakovidis, D. Maroulis (Univ. of Athens), V. Mertzios (Democritus Univ. of Thrace)

 A Global Energy Function for the Alignment of Serially Acquired Slices
S. Krinidis, C. Nikou and I. Pitas (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

Session 7E: Professional Presentations VI

The IT Strategy of the Cyprus Government
Kostas Agrotis, Director (Department of IT Services, Government of Cyprus)

IT Strategy of the Bank of Cyprus
Panayiotis Hadjicharalambous, IT Manager (Bank of Cyprus)

The CIO Agenda : Top Issues a CIO has to Cope with
Itzhak Shemer (Gartner Group)

Session 8B: Workshop on Educational Technologies (II) (Chair S. Retalis)

The priorities and the philosophy in using ICT for adult learning and training
A. Lionarakis (Greek Open University

Digital libraries: the future plans in networking all academic libraries
F. Tsimpoglou (Director of the Library of University of Cyprus

Publishers of learning content: the survivors
G. Sorolopidis, (Kastaniotis inter@ctive Editions)

Blended e-learning
M. Panagiotou (01 Pliroforiki Ltd.

Session 8C: Data Mining (Chair C. Spyropoulos)

A Seismic Data Management and Mining System
S. Brakatsoulas and Y. Theodoridis (CTI of Patras)

 Efficient Maintainance of Semistructured Schema
D. Katsaros (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

 Data Mining Pharmaceutical Data for Lead Compounds
C. Nicolaou (Bioreason)

 Personalized Classification of Web Documents
G. Potamias, V. Raxenidis and A. Papadakis (Univ. of Crete)

Session 8D: Graphics & Image Processing (Chair C. Kotropoulos)

Application of Directional Statistics to Gradient-Based Lip Contour Extraction for Speechreading
M. Gordan, C. Kotropoulos and I. Pitas (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

 Face Image Synthesis from a Text Based Description
A. Lanitis (Cyprus College)

 Object Recognition and Digital Image Pattern Analysis of Predetermined Shape Objects
A. Papanikolaou (Cyprus College), C. Chari and A. Mavromatis (Research Team, Cyprus)

 Modeling Complex Figures with Triangular Holes using SUPER
A. Savva (Intercollege, Cyprus)

Session 8E: Professional Presentations VII

Telecommunications Scenario
Shlomit Harth (Gartner Group)

Software Infrastructure for Mobile Services
Evgenios Charalambous (WinMobile Technology)

The IT Strategy of CYTA
Andreas Poyadjis, Architecture Management and Planning (CYTA)

Session 9B: Workshop on Didactics in Informatics (I) (Chair C. Solomonidou)

Didactic of Informatics: from the Formation of the Scientific Field to the Conjunction among Research and School Practice 
V. Komis (Univ. of Patras

Students Conceptions about Cache Memory and their Exploitation in the Development of a Web-based Learning Environment 
M. Grigoriadou and E. Kanidis (Univ. of Athens

Microworlds and Microenvironments for an Introduction to Computer Programming 
V. Dagdilelis (Univ. of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Session 9C: Advanced Databases (Chair A. Lazakidou)

A Java-based, 3-tier Framework for Stateful Database Applications on the WWW
I. Aggelis, S. Hadjiefthymiades and D. Martakos (Univ. of Athens)

 Designing and Implementing a Wrapper Specification Language for Web Information Sources
K. Karageorgos, C. Valakas, Y. Stavrakas and A. Polyrakis (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 X-Database: a System for Generating and Manipulating Relational Databases based on XML-schema Descriptions
I. Varlamis, M. Vazirgiannis (Athens Univ. of Economics and Business), P. Poulos, G. Akrivas and S. Ioannou (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 Database-driven Content Management for Museums, Monuments and Sites Supervised by
the Hellenic Ministry of Culture
P. Zafiris, G. Styliaras, G. Tsolis, T. Papatheodorou, L. Ntalkos, I. Tsigeridis, P. Kalogerakou and G. Kalamaras (Univ. of Patras)

Session 9D: Web-based Applications (Chair A. Tsalgatidou)

ANASTILOSIS: Multimodal Access to Libraries of Cultural Museum Resources
through 3D Virtual Environments
C. Davarakis, T. Harisis, G. Koutalieris (Systema), C. Ksourias (Silicon Technologies) and
F. Katrantzis (Infomap)

 BookTrade: a system for Business-to-Business e-commerce
N. Georgantis, E. Karatzas, C. Papaterpos, P. Zafiris and T. Papatheodorou (Univ. of Patras)

 MITOS: an Integrated Web-based System for Information Management
E. Kopanaki (Kapa-TEL), V. Karkaletsis, C. Spyropoulos (Demokritos), N. Avradinis (Kapa-TEL), N. Fakotakis (Univ. of Patras), T. Kalamboukis (Athens Univ. of Economics and Business), B. Kladis (Knowledge), Y. Lazarou (Kapa-TEL), T. Panayiotopoulos (Univ. of Piraeus) and D. Spinellis (SENA)

 Digital Design of Services Based on the Service Flow Concept: the IST DILEMMA Project
A. Constantinou, V. Tsakalos, (Help-Forward), P. Chatzaras, D. Koumpis (Unisoft), 
M. Manasaki and V. Spitadakis (Forthnet)

 Developing Variations of an Integrated eShop Model for SME
K. Markellos, P. Markellou, M.Rigou, S. Sirmakessis, T. Tsakalidis (Univ. of Patras)

Session 9E: Professional Presentations VIII

The Perfect IT Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises
Gordon Frank (Gartner Group)

IT Outsourcing
Antonis Skoullos, General Manager (Demstar Information Group)

Working in a Multiplatform Multivendor IT Environment
Achilleas Markou, (Bank of Cyprus)

Session 10B: Workshop on Didactics in Informatics (II) (Chair M. Grigoriadou)

Scripting as a Means for Teachers to Learn about Exploratory Software 
Ch. Kynigos (University of Athens

Special Characteristics of Computer Science; Effects on Teaching and Learning: Views of Teachers; 
M. Kordaki (Univ. of Patras

Teachersí and Studentsí Developments within an ICT Constructivist Learning Environment -the Case of a Pilot Program Introducing ICT in Greek Primary Schools 
C. Solomonidou (Univ. of Thessaly

Session 10C: e-Business (Chair A. Andreou)

A System for Virtual Tendering and Bidding 
C. Halaris, G. Bafoutsou, G. Papavassiliou, G. Mentzas (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 The e-services Revolution
T. Pilioura and A. Tsalgatidou (Univ. of Athens)

 Investigation of Electronic Government
E. Tambouris, S. Gorilas and G. Boukis (Archetypon)

 High Performance Crawling and Filtering in Java
D. Zeinalipur-Yazti (WinMob Technologies) and M. Dikaiakos (Univ. of Cyprus)

Session 10D: Advanced Applications (Chair C. Mourlas)

Office Suite for the Disabled: Design, Implementation, Evaluation and Lessons Learned
P. Destounis (CTI of Patras), J. Garofalakis (Univ. of Patras), G. Mavritsakis, M. Rigou, 
S. Sirmakessis and G. Tzimas (CTI of Patras)

 EURO-CITI: Network Design for a European Cities Platform for On-line Transaction Services
A. Ioannidis, C. Eliopoulou, G. Priggouris, S. Hadjiefthymiades and L. Merakos (Univ. of Athens)

 On Automated Evaluation for Programming Contests
A. Kavarnos and P. Potikas (National Technical Univ. of Athens)

 TruckManager: an Integrated Automation System for Oil Terminals and Tank Farms
M. Loupis (Innovative Technologies Centre, TEI of Lamia) and G. Tziallas (TEI of Lamia)

 Implementing a Database-driven Web Site with Open Source Software
T. Falas and M. Mavridis (Cyprus College, Citi Principal Investments)

Session 10E: Professional Presentations IX

Business Intelligence Solutions on Market Research and Data Collection
Costas Ioannou (Director, Cosine Consultants)

Creating the Next Generation IT Organization
Itzhak Shemer (Gartner Group