Code Authors PaperTitle
75R Aggelis,Hadjiefthymiades, Martakos A Java-based,3-tier Framework for Stateful Database Applications on the WWW
29R Ananidou,Hassapis, Kleftouris On theDevelopment of Petri Net Template Models for Real-time Software Designand Verification 
112R Andreou,Spirakis ExperimentalAnalysis of Aproximation Algorithms, for the Maximum Independent Set Problemon Planar Graphs
133R Andronikos,Potikas, Zachos A DistributedTemporal Logic Framework for the Verification and Synthesis of ReactiveSystems
92R Androulidakis,Bouloudis, Hatziathanasiou, Lioudakis, Patikis, Roussaki, Xynogalas DynamicallyDefined VPN Architecture
71C Angeli,Bonk Learningon the Web: The Issue of Interactivity and Its Effects on Learners' Thinking
1R Arief,Antoniou BusinessRules Formalization
165R Armeni,Christodoulakis, Kostopoulos, Stamatiou, Xenos  ProvingCopyright Ownership using Hard Instances of Computationally IntractableProblems
172R Avgeriou,Retalis, Skordalakis A LayeredComponent-based Architecture for a Virtual Learning Environment
32R Bozanis RPST: ARandomized Data Structure for the 1 1/2-dimensional Range Query Problem
38R Brakatsoulas,Theodoridis A SeismicData Management and Mining System 
90R Chatzigiannakis,Nikoletseas, Spirakis Analysisof an Innovative and Efficient Communication Strategy for HierarchicalAd-hoc Mobile Networks
93R Corral,Rodriguez, Vassilakopoulos Distance-BasedQueries in Multidimensional Data Spaces using R-trees
104C Damianakis,Axaridou, Pitarokilis, Klemathianakis, Kontaxaki, Christodoulakis DIKTIOMA- NET LEARNING: a Network Multimedia Application Developed for EducationalPurposes
49C Davarakis,Harisis, Koutalieris, Ksourias, Katrantzis ANASTILOSIS:Multimodal Access to Libraries of Cultural Museum Resources through 3DVirtual Environments"
116C Destounis,Garofalakis, Mavritsakis, Rigou, Sirmakessis, Tzimas OfficeSuite for the Disabled: Design, Implementation, Evaluation and LessonsLearned
20R Diamadis,Polyzos  Issuesin Educational Groupware over Wireless Networks 
84C Dollas,Pnevmatikatos, Aslanides, Sotiriades, Kavvadias, Zogopoulos ExperimentalEvaluation of PLATO, a Reconfigurable Active ATM Network Node
139R Dranidis A FormalFramework for the Specification and Implementation of Neural Networks
118R Drinea,Drineas, Huggings A RandomizedSingular Value Decomposition Algorithm for Image Processing
80C Falas,Mavrides  Implementinga Database-driven Web Site with Open Source Software
122R Fazekas,Kotropoulos, Buciu, Pitas Face Detectionby Support Vector Machines with Walsh Tranform Domain
85R Flouris,Plexousakis BeliefRevision in Propositional Knowledge Bases
127C Georgantis,Karatzas, Papaterpos, Zafiris, Papatheodorou  BookTrade:A system for Business-to-Business e-commerce 
2R Georgouli Modellinga Versatile Mathematical Curriculum for Low-attainers
87C Gerbesioti,Delis, Theodoridis  DevelopingDecision Support Tools for Confronting Seismic Hazards
156C Grigoriadou, Bakoyannis  An Information Model of Evaluation Educational Software and Evaluating the Evaluators
124R Gordan,Kotropoulos, Pitas Applicationof Directional Statistics to Gradient-Based Lip Contour Extraction forSpeechreading
56R Goumopoulos,Housos  EfficientTrip Generation with a Regulation Modeling Language for Airline Crew Scheduling
117R Halaris,Bafoutsou, Papavassiliou, Mentzas VirtualTendering and Bidding in the Construction Sector
105R Hatzilygeroudis,Prentzas HYMES -a Hybrid Modular Expert System with Efficient Inference and Explnation
27R Houstis,Lalis ARION:A Scalable Architecture for a Digital Library of Scientific Collections
69C Ioannidis,Eliopoulou, Priggouris, Hadjiefthymiades, Merakos EURO-CITI:NetworkDesign for a European Cities platform for on-line transaction services
114R Kapopoulos,Hatzopoulos The MB-Tree:A Symmetric Data Structure for Multidimensional Indexing 
61R Karageorgos,Valakas, Stavrakas, Polyrakis Designingand Implementing a Wrapper Specification Language for Web Information Sources
171R Karagiannidis,Sampson, Brusilovski EmpiricalEvaluation of User Models and User-adapted Systems: a Layered EvaluationReview
23R Karakos,Siozos SecureNetworking using Mobile IP
16R Karayannidis,Vassiliadis, Tsois, Sellis  ERATOSTHENES:Design and Architecture of an OLAP System
159C Kargidis,Manitsaris, Stamatis Criteriafor Evaluation of the Effectiveness for Networked Learning Programmes
174C Karras, Karkanis, Iakovidis, Maroulis, Mertzios Improved Defect Detection in Manufacturing Using Novel Multidimensional Wavelet Feature Extraction Involving Vector Quantization and PCA Techniques
107R Nomikos, Pagourtzis, Potika, Zachos Path Multi-Coloring in Weighted Graphs
94C Kopanaki,Karkaletsis, Spyropoulos, Avradinis, Fakotakis, Kalamboukis, Kladis, Lazarou,Panayiotopoulos, Spinellis MITOS:an Integrated Web-based System for Information Management
123R Katsaros EfficientMaintainance of Semistructured Schema
131C Kavarnos,Potikas On AutomatedEvaluation for Programming Contests
65R Kefalas,Eleftherakis, Kehris ModularModeling of Large-Scale Systems using Communicating X-Machines
151R Kiayias,Pagourtzis, Sharma, Zachos  Path-orderComplexity Classes 
25R Kokkoras,Sampson, Vlahavas CG-PerLS:Conceptual Graphs for Personalized Learning Systems
52R Konstantinou,Goumas, Theodoropoulos, Koziris, Papakonstantinou TOPPER:a Software Environment for the Enhancement of Parallel Programs
173R Kontoghiorghes Computingthe QR Decomposition of a Long Dense Matrix having a Minimum Fill-in SparseOrthogonal Matrix
95R Kopanitsanos,Vlachou, Gyftodimos DesignPatterns and Class Evolution
108C Kordopati e.learn:the Greek Learning Management System 
102R Koukopoulos,Nikoletseas, Spirakis StabilityResults of FIFO Networks in the Adversarial Queueing Model
143R Kourakos-Mavromichalis,Vouros BuildingIntelligent Collaborative Interface Agents with the ICagent DevelopmentFramework
39R Krinidis,Nikou, Pitas A GlobalEnergy Function for the Alignment of Serially Acquired Slices
158R Kyriacou,Evripidou D2NOW:Data Driven Multithreading on Conventional Control Flow Processors
26R Lanitis Face ImageSynthesis from a Text based Description
7C Loupis,Tziallas TruckManager:an Integrated Automation System for Oil Terminals and Tank Farms
121R Maliappis,Sideridis A New Techniquefor Knowledge Sharing and Reusability
28C Manasaki,Spitadakis, Tsakalos, Constantinou, Chatzaras, Koumpis DigitalDesign of Services based on the Service Flow Concept: the IST DILEMMA Project
113C Markellos,Markellou, Rigou, Sirmakessis, Tsakalidis DevelopingVariations of an Integrated eShop Model for SMEs
100R Mavridis,Pangalos DeterminingUser Authorizations in Distributed Database Systems
129R McClurkin,Georgakopoulos k-Splayis not log_k N
33R Michailidis,Margaritis Implementationof the String Matching Problem on a Cluster of Workstations
58R Nanopoulos,Vassilakopoulos A PerformanceComparison of R-tree Deletion Algorithms
68R Nicolaou Data MiningPharmaceutical Data for Lead Compounds
73R Nikolaidis,Kalamboukis PerformanceIssues of the k_NN Text Categorization Algorithm
30R Nitsos,Dervos, Evangelidis S-IndexImplementation and Performance for Textbases
147R Panagopoulos,Economakos, Tsirogiannis, Peykianakis, Botsaris, Hounda, Kossidas The AGENDA-IIHardware Compilation Environment
76R Papadakis,Plexousakis ActionTheories in Temporal Databases
47R Papanikolaou,Chari, Mavromatis  ObjectRecognition and Digital Image Pattern Analysis of Predetermind Shape Objects
146R Paraskakis TeLoDe:Towards Creating an Intelligent Computer Algebra System
96R Paskalis,Lampropoulos, Stefanou  MobilityManagement for DECT/IPv6 Networks
74R Petasis,Karkaletsis, Farmakiotou, Samaritakis Androutsopoulos, Spyropoulos A GreekMorphological Lexicon and its Exploitation by a Greek Controlled LanguageChecker
141R Pilioura,Tsalgatidou The e-servicesRevolution
103R Potamias,Raxenidis, Papadakis PersonalizedClassification of Web Documents
132R Roussopoulos,Kotidis, Labrinidis, Sismanis The OpsisProject: Materialized Views for Data Warehouses and the Web
91C Sabrakos,Filis, Tsiligiridis Integrationof Spatial Descriptive Statistical Data and Geographic Information Data
53C Sagias Distributed& Online Distance Lecturing Environment (the Virtual Blackboard Project)
160R Samaras,Kyrou, Chrysanthis  Structuringthe Commit Tree for Better Performance of Two Phase Commit Processing
152R Sampson,Karagiannidis, Cardinali A PersonalizedWeb-based System Architecture for Defining Re-usable Adaptive Educationale-content 
79R Satratzemi,Dagdilelis, Evangelidis, Efopoulos An EducationalProgramming Environment for Novices
63R Savva ModelingComplex Figures with Triangular Holes using SUPER 
57R Sotiropoulos,Koziris A PipelinedSchedule for Loop Tiling to Minimize Overall Completion Time
70R Spanoudakis,Hadjiefthymiades, Merakos A WWW Systemfor Wireless Networks: Design, Implementation and Performance Assessment
166R Stathis,Cotofana, Vassiliadis SparseMatrix Vector Multiplication Evaluation Using the BBCS Scheme
167R Tambouris,Gorilas, Boukis Investigationof Electronic Government
140R Theotokis,Sotiropoulou, Gyftodimos, Georgiadis Are BehaviouralDesign Patterns enough for Behavioural Evolution in Object Oriented Systems?
128C Traganitis,Konstantinidou Developmentof an Environment for Programming and Code Generation for the TMS320C30DSP using SIMULINK
35C Trancoso eEdu: ADatabase-Driven Tool for Online Education Material
44R Tsadiras,Kouskouvelis, Margararitis MakingPolitical Decisions using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: the FYROM crisis
164R Tselios,Feidas, Avouris UsabilityEvaluation of Web-based Applications 
45R Tzelepi,Pangalos An AccessControl Model for Multimedia Medical Image Security
169R Vakali,Terzi MultimediaData Elevation under a Hierarchical Storage Model 
15R Varlamis,Vazirgiannis, Poulos, Akrivas, Ioannou X-Database:a Middleware for Collaborative Video Annotation, Storage and Retrieval
60R Vassiliadis,Ligoudistianos, Sellis, Theodoratos Quality-orientedOptimization of the Design of the Global Data Warehouse
4R Viqueira,Lorentzos SpatiotemporalSQL Extension
11R Vrakas,Vlahavas Bi-DirectionalHeuristic Planning in State-Spaces
18R Vrasidas StudyingHuman-computer Interaction in Computer-mediated Online Environments
126R Zachos,Routzounis, Hilaris DecidingNormalization and Computing Normal Forms for S-Terms
120C Zafiris,Styliaras, Tsolis, Papatheodorou, Ntalkos, Tsigeridis, Kalogerakou, Kalamaras Next-generationContent Management for Museums, Monuments and Sites Supervised by the HellenicMinistry of Culture
72R Zaphiris,Zacharia WebsiteContent Accessibility of 30,000 Cypriot Web Sites
168R Zeinalipur-Yazti,Dikaiakos High PerformanceCrawling and Filtering in Java
55R Ziotopoulou,Skyrianoglou, Orfanakos, Zervas A DECT–IPInterworking for Quality of Service Support
162R Zoukos,Papakonstantinou, Tsanakas IncorporatingHomomorphic Reduction into Abstract Interpretation