DFM 2015 Programme

Full Papers

  • Recursion Support for the Data-Driven Multithreading Model (pdf)
  • George Matheou (University of Cyprus), Ian Watson (University of Manchester) and Paraskevas Evripidou (University of Cyprus)

  • Work-stealing optimizations for Macro-Dataflow Runtime Systems (pdf)
  • Sagnak Tasırlar (Rice University) and Vivek Sarkar (Rice University)

  • A CUDA Kernel Scheduler Exploiting Static Data Dependencies (pdf)
  • Eva Burrows (University of Bergen)

Short Papers

  • The Function-Centric Model: Supporting SIMD Execution of
    Streaming Computations
  • Stephen V. Cole (Washington University) and Jeremy D. Buhler (Washington University)

  • Potential of an Interconnection Mode Dataflow-core (pdf)
  • Lorenzo Verdoscia (CNR) and Roberto Giorgi (Universita di Siena)