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The IBM Corporation annually invests billion of Euros in Research and Development in which the IBM branch in Cyprus shares. IBM is a major player in the development and evolution of Health Care Systems through its “Smarter Healthcare” program. Basic pillars for the realization of smarter Healthcare is for the stakeholders to become instrumented, interconnected and intelligent in delivering excellent, individualized health and care experiences to users. IBM in Cyprus is heavily involved in the Healthcare sector in Cyprus being the main partner of the Ministry of Health in the automation of the Government Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Services. The implementation of the electronic Patient Record in the Government Hospitals is already a reality and there is a need to define the dimensions under which this information could be shared and/or enriched through the provision and receipt of additional patient information from other Health providers. IBM’s contribution to this project would be through the provision of Project management skills from practitioners from the Health Domain as well as assist in the gathering of information relating to the experiences of other countries in the implementation of Electronic Health Records.


IBM Researchers:

  • Antonia Michael
  • Constantinos Phanouriou
  • Kleanthis Neokleous


  • Kyriakos Kokkinos
  • Giorgos Georgiou




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