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CrossGrid Project at the University of Cyprus

Development of Grid Environment for Interactive Applications


This Web site is dedicated to the activities undertaken by the High-Performance Computer Systems Lab (HPCL) of the University of Cyprus in the context of the Cross Grid Project. Here, you can find information about:

About CrossGrid

The main objective of the CrossGrid project is to extend the GRID environment across Europe, and to a new category of applications. In particular, the Cross Grid project will develop, implement and exploit new Grid components for interactive compute and data intensive applications like simulation and visualisation for surgical procedures, flooding crisis, team decision support systems, distributed data analysis, air pollution combined with weather forecasting. The elaborated methodology, generic application architecture, programming environment, and new Grid services will be validated and tested thoroughly on the CrossGrid testbed, with an emphasis on a user friendly environment. The work will be done in close collaboration with the Grid Forum and the DataGrid project to profit from their results and experience, and to obtain full interoperability.

The CrossGrid project comprises of 21 partners from 11 countries, coordinated by Cyfronet, Krakow, Poland. The University of Cyprus, Dept. of Computer Science, participates in CrossGrid focusing on the development of performance metrics and benchmarks for the Grid, and the deployment of CyGrid, a local testbed connected with the CrossGrid test-bed.

The CrossGrid Project is funded by the European Commission, as a Research and Technological Development Action under the IST Program (IST-2001-5.1.9), Proposal/Contract no.: IST-2001-32243. The project started on March 1, 2002.

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