CS699: Special Topics in Computer Science (Online Social Networks)

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Course Introduction

Online Social Networking Systems (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) have gained a prominent position in cyberspace, being the most popular service that is offered through the World-Wide Web and gradually turning into one of the main platforms for human communication over the Internet, with significant impact to personal and social relations, media, politics, advertising, etc. Social Networking is an active area of Computer Science research, which takes advantage of techniques from Data Mining, Complex Networks, Internet Computing and Web Technologies in order to model, analyze and design existing, emerging, and future Online Social Networking (OSN) services and the interactions that they support.

In this course we will review the recent scientific literature on OSN, with the aim to build an understanding of fundamental concepts, techniques and results that shape the analysis and evolution of OSN. This course is given in the context of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network iSocial.

Practical Information

Class meeting: Friday, 13:00-16:00: PAS01, Room 023 or KOD07, Room 018 (depending on availability of 023).

Instructor: Marios D. Dikaiakos, Professor
                PAS01, Room 010
                Tel: 22892700
Office Hours: Monday 13:00 - 14:30 or by appointment.


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