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EΠΛ 657

Ασύρματα Δίκτυα Υπολογιστών

Wireless Networks

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·        MBMS over WiMax

o       Examination of methods to integrate and provide MBMS services using the WiMax wireless access infrastructure

Λουίζα Μιχαήλ



·        Video Distribution using WiMax

o       Video distribution and IPTV is envisioned to be the major drivers for the success of WiMax. This project will provide insights into the use of WiMax for multimedia streaming.

Γιώργος Ποταμός



·        Mobility Solutions for MPLS

o       MPLS is becoming an attractive transport solution in the All-IP 4G networks. This project will investigate how mobility can be implemented in a VC-based technology.

Μαρία Παπά

Φώτια Παναγιώτου



·        Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

o       This project will identify, analyze and compare current protocols for routing in VANETS.

o       Emphasis on multipath routing for QoS

Βερόνικα Ιωάννου



·        Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Network Mobility

o       Mobility for Data Collection in WSNs

§         Investigation of issues related to data collection using mobile nodes in a WSN. Ideas from Algorithmic theory and robotics may be used.

Παναγιώτα Δύσπυρου



·        Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Network Mobility

o       Mobility for improvement of network organization, clustering and localization

§         Define the proper use of mobility in order to support, extend and enhance existing algorithms in WSNs

Έλενα Κακουλλή



·        IP-based Mobility Management Protocols and Extensions

o       Survey of Mobile IP and related protocols for macro- and micro-mobility and deduction of commonalities, differences and unmet challenges.

Κυριακή Κουππάνου



·        Experimental Evaluation of Mobile IPv6

o       Use of an existing MIPv6 testbed to evaluate the network performance under varying protocol parameters.

Αριστόδημος Παφίτης