Past Projects

Projects 2005


Study and evaluation of sensor networks using a testbed.
Andreou Panayiotis

Power Control in UMTS: Investigation of DSCH (Downlink Shared CHannel) behavior in terms of the number of mobile stations, distance from base stations etc.

Antoniou Antonios

Power Inner Loop Control in UMTS: Adaptive Increase/Decrease of step size

Aygousti Rodoula
Study and evaluation of routing protocols in sensor networks through a simulator.
Kleanthous Marios
Video Streaming QoS over Wireless Local Area Networks (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11e)
Ioannou Nicos

Handover in UMTS: Investigation of Soft and Hard Handover behavior in terms of packet loss, cell capacity, different environments etc. Influence of soft handover's parameters on its behavior.

Sergiou Charalambos

Study and evaluation of security issues in sensor networks.

Stavrou Eliana