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Assignment 3 - What is hidden in those network traces?

For this assignment you are given two network traces, which you can download from here and here.. Check that you have downloaded the correct traces by calculating the MD5 hash of the files; it should be: 4704e8bbccd0e8cefbaf118dfc07e550 and 9a966914bcdfa12f7ff5dc2f82209dd8.

Write a C or C++ program that uses libpcap to read these traces and identify their contents.

Q1 (10 pts): How many packets are contained in trace1 and trace2?
Q2 (10 pts): Which destination ports are accessed in trace1 and trace2?
Q3 (20 pts): Discuss what is found in trace1.
Q4 (20 pts): Discuss what is found in trace2.
Q5 (40 pts): Submit your code.

What to submit? Use blackboard and submit your answers before the deadlne by asnwering the aforementioned questions and submitting your code.

Good luck!

Assignment deadline (firm): 10th December, 2017, 23:59 (Local time).