Programming Exercices

  Assignment Date Delivery Date Description Material
1 21/09/2017 12/10/2017 @ 23:59

Εξοικείωση με το προγραμματιστικό μοντέλο Map-Reduce και το Hadoop.

Get familiarized with the Map-Reduce programming model and Hadoop.

AS1 (ελ)

AS1 (en)

2 19/10/2017 ΧΧ/11/2017 @ 23:59

Ομαδοποίηση (Clustering) και Μείωση Διαστάσεων (Dimensionality Reduction)


Final Project (choose one of the following projects)

  Assignment Date Delivery Date Description Material
1 21/09/2017 24/11/2017 @ 23:59

Team Projects (2/3 persons per team):

A successful submission of your project will consist of three parts:

  1. Source code of your implementation along with instructions of how to compile and run your program.
  2. The input data you have used for your experiments in the right input format. For each input file you provide you should also submit the corresponding output file of your program.
  3. A description of your project (6 pages, two columns), specifying in detail your goals, approach, milestones, evaluation methodology and experimental results. A document that describes how you did your experiments and what are your obtained results.
  4. Project presentation (15 min per team + 5 min Q/A)
See topics & info in slides 2-4