CS425: Internet Technologies


CS425: Course Contract

Instructor: Marios D. Dikaiakos, Professor
ECTS credits: 7,5
Semester: Fall
Category: Advanced Elective
Prerequisites: CS233 or CS371, CS324
Language of instruction: English
Teaching Methods: Three hours of lectures, one hour precept and 2 hours of laboratory per week
Online Forum: https://piazza.com/ucy.ac.cy/fall2017/425/home

Description and Goals

This course is an introduction to Internet Technologies and Web Applications Programming. We plan to explore the following topics:


Students who have successully completed the courses CS233/CS133(Object-oriented programming) or CS371 (Systems Programming) and who have successfully completed or are taking CS324 (Computer Networks) are allowed to subsribe to the class. Otherwise, the instructor's permission is required.

Teaching Methods

The course covers theory and practice of Web Technologies and comprises three hours of lectures, one hour precept and 2 hours of laboratory per week. Students will gain a hands-on experience on course topics through laboratory exercises and projects.

Student Assessment

Students will be assessed through class participation, a set of weekly homeworks and projects, a midterm and a final exam. The final grade will be calculated according to the following table. It is noted that in order to pass the class (getting at least 5/10 final grade), a student make have received a weighted average of at least 45/100 in the written tests.
Class participation, and participation to online forum:
Homeworks and Projects:
Final Exam:


We will also use learning material from W3C and scientific papers to be handed out during the course.


The homeworks will be announced through the online forum of the course. Some will be weekly and done on an individual basis and others will take longer and will be assigned to groups.


The midterm will take place on 24 October 2017 (the instructor may change the date of the midterm, with advance notice given to students).

The topics to be examined in the midterm will be announced through the Course Schedule web page.

Other Instructions