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Coordinator's Report


Coordinator's Report

Luis Moniz Pereira

KRR 1997 Area Meetings

In 1997 there were five workshops and conferences organized on initiative of KRR area nodes, some of which supported by the COMPULOG-NET, and about which you will find detailed reports elsewhere in this issue of the Newsletter.

First, LPNMR'97, the "4th International Logic Programming", July 28--31, in Dagstuhl, Germany. Proceedings appeared as Springer-Verlag LNAI vol. 1265.

Second, the Logic Programming and Multi-Agents Workshop, at ICLP'97, July 8-12, Leuven. Locally published proceedings are available from the organizers.

Third, APPIA-GULP-PRODE'97, the "1997 Joint Conference on Declarative Programming", was held June 16-19, 1997, Grado, Italy. This is an ongoing series of conferences promoted by national associations in Italy, Portugal, and Spain to further collaboration. Locally published proceedings are available from the organizers.

Fourth, LPKR'97, the "Workshop Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation", at ILPS'97, October 12-17, 1997, Port Jefferson, NY. Proceedings are available on the internet. Extended versions of the papers and additional submissions will be published in book form in Springer-Verlag's LNAI series.

Fifth, DYNAMICS'97, the workshop on Transactions and Change in Logic Programming and Deductive Databases at ILPS'97.

Another report is included on a KRR related event: The Third International Workshop on Applications of Natural Language, June 26-27 1997, Vancouver.

Other KRR area news and initiatives

Included is an abstract of Michael Schroeder's PhD thesis on diagnosis, which relies much on Logic Programming theory and technology. This work evolved from a five year long collaboration between Lisbon and Hannover, reported on in previous Newsletters. A book coming out of the thesis will be published by Kluwer.

The "6th International Workshop on Logics for Artificial Intelligence", JELIA'98, will take place in Dagstuhl, Germany, October 12-15, 1998. See separate announcement.

The APPIA-GULP-PRODE "1998 Joint Conference on Declarative Programming", will take place in Spain, possibly in July.

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