The Future of Computational Logic in Language and Speech Technology

A Compulog Net/Elsnet Joint Strategic Planning Workshop Saarbruecken, April 30, 1999


Venue: DFKI and the Dept of Computational Linguistics at the University of Saarland, Saarbrucken, Germany Building 36 (Computer Science), 4th floor

Natural language and speech technology is a major growth area of IT. The accessibility of more reliable speech-related software has made a series of exciting applications, such as speech-guided computer use, into attainable goals. The advent of the world-wide web, while providing many new functionalities, has highlighted the need to attack problems such as concept extraction and semantic-based search that were not seen as being so crucial in the past. Computational Logic provides some of the most promising instruments for achieving these new goals as well as for tackling more traditional problems of language and speech processing.

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to bring together researchers from the Compulog Net and ELSNET communities to discuss a strategy for the future of computational logic within language and speech technology. This will involve identifying a succession of R&D goals, from short to long term, that would strengthen and further the contributions in this area. It is also hoped that the workshop will provide materials for the 'Technological Roadmaps' which each network is currently preparing for its own field. Though Roadmaps may be conceived differently by different networks, broadly speaking they aim to identify, for the medium-term future, new potential areas of industrial exploitation of the technology (or new possibilities within existing application areas); and they try to indicate which kinds of scientific advances and technological innovations will be need to ensure that this potential can be realised.

Experts from various subareas of language and speech technology will present their views on the most promising lines of inquiry over the next 5-to-10 years in language and speech processing, and how the area of computational logic might contribute to this endeavour. A wide range of issues will be addressed. The workshop will comprise a series of 30-minute presentations as well as 10-minute panel contributions.

Organising Committee
Ewan Klein
David Pearce
Manfred Pinkal
Patrick Blackburn

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