Journal Special Issues on ILP, published in 1999

Nada Lavrac
J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In 1999 special issues on ILP of the following journals were published: Journal of Logic Programming, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, and New Generation Computing.

Journal of Logic Programming 40(2/3), August 1999 (edited by Stephen Muggleton and David Page, contains the following articles:
- Stephen Muggleton, David Page: Guest editors' introduction, pp. 125-126
- Kerry Taylor: Generalization by absorption of definite clauses, pp. 127-157
- Henrik Bostrom, Peter Idestam-Almquist: Induction of logic programs by example-guided unfolding, pp. 159-183
- Ashwin Srinivasan, Rui Camacho: Numerical reasoning with an ILP system capable of lazy evaluation and customised search, pp. 185-213
- Nada Lavrac, Dragan Gamberger, Viktor Jovanoski: A study of relevance for learning in deductive databases, pp. 215-249 - Anke D. Rieger: Optimizing general chain programs, pp. 251-271
- Russell Greiner: The complexity of revising logic programs, pp. 273-298

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3(1), 1999 (edited by Saso Dzeroski and Nada Lavrac, contains the following articles:
- Saso Dzeroski, Nada Lavrac: Editorial, pp. 5-6 - Luc Dehaspe, Hannu Toivonen: Discovery of frequent DATALOG patterns, pp. 7-36
- Ashwin Srinivasan, Ross D. King: Feature construction with Inductive Logic Programming: A Study of Quantitative Predictions of Biological Activity Aided by Structural Attributes, pp. 37-57
- Hendrik Blockeel, Luc De Raedt, Nico Jacobs, Bart Demoen: Scaling Up Inductive Logic Programming by Learning from Interpretations, pp. 59-93
- Ashwin Srinivasan: A Study of Two Sampling Methods for Analyzing Large Datasets with ILP, pp. 95-123

New Generation Computing 17(1), 1999 (edited by Nada Lavrac, Saso Dzeroski and Masayuki Numao, contains the following articles:
- Nada Lavrac, Saso Dzeroski, Masayuki Numao: Inductive Logic Programming for Relational Knowledge Discovery, pp. 3-23
- Simon Anthony, Alan M. Frisch: Cautious Induction: An Alternative to Clause-at-a Time Hypothesis Construction in Inductive Logic Programming, pp. 25-52
- Georg Gottlob, Nicola Leone, Francesco Scarcello: On the Complexity of Some Inductive Logic Programming Problems, pp. 53-75
- Chandra Reddy, Prasad Tadepalli: Learning Horn Definitions: Theory and an Application to Planning, pp. 77-98
- Akihiro Yamamoto: An Inference Method for the Complete Inverse of Relative Subsumption, pp. 99-117
- Akihiro Yamamoto: Revising the Logical Foundations of Inductive Logic Programming Systems with Ground Reduced Program, pp. 119-127