Computational Logic and Machine Learning - Area Coordinator's Report

Nada Lavrac

The Computational Logic and Machine Learning area of the Compulog network is concerned with the development of the theory and practical algorithms for learning in a logic-based framework. A major research topic is Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) and related forms of learning, such as learning by analogy, abductive learning, non-monotonic learning, and explanation-based learning.

Activities in this area are strongly connected to the activities of the Copernicus Network of Excellence in Inductive Logic Programming ILPNET2 (coordinated by Saso Dzeroski and Peter Flach,, and to those of the ESPRIT Network of Excellence in Machine Learning, ML-Net2 (coordinated by Maarten van Sommeren,

In 1999, the main ILP event was the Ninth International Workshop on Inductive Logic Programming, organized by Saso Dzeroski and Peter Flach in Bled, Slovenia, June 1999 The next workshop ILP2000 will be organized in London in July 2000, collocated with CL2000

Bled was also the location of the workshop Learning Language in Logic (LLL) (organized by James Cussens and Saso Dzeroski,, and the final review of the project Esprit LTR 20237 Inductive Logic Programming II (ILP2), 1996-1999 held in June 1999.

Tutorials and invited talks on ILP were given at international conferences, including Sixteenth International Conference on Machine Learning ICML-99 in June 99 (tutorial by Luc De Raedt,, 5th European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty in July 1999 (invited talk by Peter Flach), 3rd European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, September 1999 (tutorial by Luc De Raedt and Hendrik Blockeel,, 9th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, September 1999 (invited talk by Nada Lavrac, In 1999 special issues on ILP of the following journals were published: Journal of Logic Programming 40(2/3), 1999
(edited by Stephen Muggleton and David Page,,
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3(1), 1999
(edited by Saso Dzeroski and Nada Lavrac,
New Generation Computing 17(1), 1999
(edited by Nada Lavrac, Saso Dzeroski and Masayuki Numao,

Nada Lavrac
J. Stefan Institute
Jamova 39, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia