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WebRACE is a prototype HTTP Retrieval, Annotation and Caching Engine developed in Java. It is the WWW Agent-Proxy of eRACE.

WebRACE retrieves from the Web documents according to XML-encoded user profiles that determine the urgency and relevance of collected information. The system subsequently caches and processes retrieved documents. Processing is guided by pre-defined user queries and consists of keyword-searches, title-extraction, summarizing, classification based on relevance with respect to user-queries, estimation of priority, urgency, etc.

WebRACE processing results are encoded in a WebRACE-XML grammar and fed into a dissemination server, which selects dynamically among a suite of available choices for information dissemination, such as "push" vs. "pull," the formatting and transcoding of data (HTML, WML, XML), the connection modality (wireless vs. wire-based), the communication protocol employed (http, GSM/WAP, SMS), etc.

The basic components of webRACE are:

  • A high-performance crawler.
  • A filtering processor.
  • An object cache.

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