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eRACE Design

M. Dikaiakos, "WebRACE: A Distributed WWW Retrieval, Annotation & Caching Engine," IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY, June 25, 2001. (Available in pdf.)

M. Dikaiakos, "WebRACE: A Distributed WWW Retrieval, Annotation & Caching Engine," International Workshop on Performance-oriented Application Development for Distributed Architectures (PADDA 2001), University of Technology, Munich, April 19, 2001. (Available in pdf.)

D. Zeinalipour-Yazti, "The eRACE System," Diploma Thesis Presentation, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, June 2000. (Available in pdf, in Greek)

M. Dikaiakos, "FIGI: Using Mobile Agent Technology to Collect Financial Information on Internet." Workshop on Data Mining in Economics, Marketing and Finance. Machine Learning and Applications - Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence 1999 (ACAI'99), Chania, Greece, July 13, 1999 .(Available in compressed postscript.)

Mobile-agent Performance

M. Dikaiakos, "A Performance Analysis Framework for Mobile-Agent Systems," Workshop on Infrastructure for Scalable, Multi-Agent Systems, Autonomous Agents 2000 Conference, Barcelona, Spain, June 3, 2000, and Central Institute for Applied Mathematics (ZAM), Juelich, Germany, March 14, 2000 ..(Available in pdf.)

M. Dikaiakos, "Mobile-Agent Platforms for Web Databases: A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment." ASA/MA /99, Palm Springs CA, October 4, 1999, and Dept. of Computer Science, University of California, Riverside, October 1, 1999.(Available in compressed postscript.)


M. Dikaiakos, "From Web Servers to Web Services," Workshop on Mobile Services, Intercollege, Limassol Campus, May 9, 2001 (available in pdf, in greek).

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