Internal Reviews Glossary

[Ax] Applicable Document
[Rx] Reference Document
CAF Corrective Actions Form
CB Collaboration Board
EC European Commission
External Deliverables Deliverables to the European Commission and/or the public
IRB Internal Review Board
IRC Internal Review Coordinator
IRP Internal Review Procedure
IST Information Society Technologies
Moderator IRB member undertaking the coordination of a particular review
PC Project Coordinator
PMB Project Management Board
POC Project Office
QAP Quality Assurance Plan
QE Quality Engineer (for each WP)
RP Responsible Partner (for Deliverable)
SG Steering Group
TAT Technical Architecture Team
TATL Technical Architecture Team Leader
TL Task Leader
Tx.y Task y in WP x
WP Work Package
WPL Work Package Leader
WP01 Application Development
WP02 Grid Application Programming Environment
WP03 New Grid Services and Tools
WP04 International Testbed Organization
WP05 Project Management

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